Graffiti was one of the first art forms I was interested in as a kid despite at the time it was considered nothing but vandalism. As a child in the 80s I poured over books and articles of 70s and 80s NY subway art, incorporating the influence into some of my own art work now and then, intrigued by… View Post

I would usually post this on my other blog but I’ve decided to leave that to one side at the moment as running two blogs is a little too much and I keep forgetting to update it anyway because I’ve mostly been concentrating this one. Anyway as you may know from a previous post we headed to Paris for Rock… View Post

Despite it being very hot and our plans to head into the city scuppered, we still tried to get out and wander round the local area. We were also staying near another small public garden attached to a museum, which we had a wander round on the Sunday and even though the buildings were closed, the gardens stay open for… View Post

I should probably start a blog just dedicated to gardens that we visit on our travels because where ever we go, we always end up hunting out a botanical garden or something similar and our trip to France was no different. So the Wednesday before bank holiday weekend, we headed over to the suburbs of Paris to go to the… View Post

There is quite a bit to do in San Fran but as we were only there for 6 days, we did what we could on the very little preplanning that we did. One of these days I’m actually going to research properly before I get somewhere rather than winging it, thanks to some food intolerance flair ups I totally forgot… View Post