Passion for Fashion?

passion for fashion

I don’t consider myself a fashionista, I don’t really follow trends, I hate being in front of the camera and so rarely get round to blogging about clothes that I’ve made or vintage outfits I’ve put together, I should probably just get over my awkwardness and do so, I have some very nice clothes.

During the week I rarely dress up because I work from home, I do get dressed for work but I’m a creative so wear comfy clothes that I won’t mind if they get spoilt a little with glue or paint. I’m constantly complaining to The Goth that I have nice clothes and make up but never go anywhere and so I end up wearing the same things all the time. He suggested Fancy Friday, which I misheard as Fantasy Friday and ended up with me yelling I’m not dressing up as Princess Leia for you whilst he fell to pieces laughing at my outrage, lord knows what my neighbours think of me with the crap I yell out. FYI I don’t think there is anything with a bit of fantasy role play!

But I do love fashion, I do love seeing what is on trend, scrolling through Instagram to see how people express themselves through their outfits, how to style pieces, colour combos, pattern clashes, the works. It seems kind of an odd passion for someone who is admittedly too lazy these days to dress up. I used to spend hours pin curling and brushing my hair into a 40s style, meticulously matching my accessories to my outfits, finding the most cutest and outlandish prints I could but it appears my tastes have drastically change over the years and I’m leaning towards a more simplified look. I still love seeing other people get dressed up though.

I don’t like snobbery, people who say classic styles are the best, or people really knew how to dress in the old days! If it didn’t cause so much damage I would eye roll for days over these statements. There is no right or wrong way to express your style. No one is better than you because they’re wearing the latest trend or wearing true vintage, there is a lot of snobbery when it comes to clothes but fashion and trends turn over so fast these days it’s hard to keep up.

I’m now old enough where a trend I wore the first time round has made a resurgence, all hail the 90s! Apparently you’re not supposed to wear a trend the second time it comes round but I think that bollocks and doesn’t really count if you never stopped wearing it in the first place.

I like sewing, I like making my own clothes so that I could have a wardrobe that was well fitted and reflected my personality but recently I haven’t really been sewing, mostly due to fluctuating weight problems as I get my food intolerance flare ups under control, bloated stomachs are not helping. But it’s given me time to think about the clothes I make and why I make them. At first it was all about creating the dream wardrobe with clothes for every occasion, a wardrobe that was to keep and be sustainable and whatnot and it is still partly that but as I said before we change, tastes change, style changes, things we like and no longer things we want or aspire to, they belong in the past, we move forward onto to and experiment with new things, a constant exploration of finding out who we are.

Recently I’ve been to a few fashion exhibitions, things I paid most attention to were the construction details, the drape, the tailoring, the finishing, the embellishments, the time taken over each garment. Despite wanting a cleaner and simpler wardrobe I’m oddly obsessed with complicated garment construction! Actually I’m more obsessed with well made and well constructed garments. We’re all guilty of cheap frivolous purchases, as whether it be a wardrobe malfunction, ill-fitting, sitting in the wardrobe the planet is now paying the price of fast fashion.

It has been said that fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. We need to start focusing on buying items to reflect our personal style rather than copying the latest trends. Whilst there is nothing wrong with using trends as inspiration, I always find it a little disappointing when I see twenty fashion blogs all wearing and writing about the same must have jumper! I get that is what brings in the numbers and views etc but I want to see more people incorporating that piece into their personal style rather than a standard template and why you like that piece other than it’s really comfy or that it was the latest must have item.

So I guess whilst I have a passion for fashion, I want to also pay more attention as to why I’m adding that item to my wardrobe. Will I wear it? Or did I just buy it because it looked pretty? Where did it come from? Who made it? Is it value for money? Is it well made? And so on and so.

Slow Fashion

lempi dress named clothing 2

I’ve been thinking about reviving a few projects that got cast by the wayside this year in favour of other things for one reason or another. One of my ongoing yearly projects is making my own clothes, last year this fell by the wayside and I finished a few items, none of the dresses fit and I still to work on my knitting gauge apparently!

Probably one for the main reasons for this lack of enthusiasm is an ongoing weight issues due mostly to a bout of low-level poor health issues this year a long side ongoing battle with food intolerances that leave me pretty much bloated quite a lot of the time, so a lot of projects I started ended up too small half way through. This is something I’ve had to come to terms with, that and a slowing metabolism thanks to age! This is not a whinge it’s more of a I’ve learned to accept that this is the way things are. Body acceptance in this day an age is just as much an act of radicalism as is body positivity or loving your body but I think that is a subject for another day or I’ll go too off topic. So in short I have learned to accept that I have a fluctuating body shape, some days clothes fit, others they don’t, so for me it’s now about building a wardrobe around that!

Usually I’m trying to always push myself to do more, sew more, knit more, produce more, etc but this is not always productive as this year has shown. I literally came to a standstill and was like what is the point of producing all these clothes just to show that I can! The whole point of me learning to sew all these years ago was to make clothes that suited my personality, fit better than the high street and more sustainable than the current fast fashion, throw away culture we have inherently adopted but somehow I appear to have stumbled off the path slightly, so not making has given me a chance to reassess things. As with anything as time goes on things change, your body changes, your taste changes, trends come and go, so it’s always good to acknowledge those changes or risk getting stuck in a rut. Obviously there is nothing wrong if you’re happy with the way things are, as long as you are happy.

So what’s my next move? Well I think it’s time to start focusing more on quality than quantity and I’ll be applying this to all aspects of my life works and personal. I’ve had a lot of time to do research this year looking for inspiration, ideas and styles and how to express and execute my own style on my blog and though social media to show off my work. Also to focus on taking my skills to the next level as well as learning new ones. To develop on presenting my work better to express myself, I guess that would be presenting my aesthetic/style better. The one thing I would say I’ve taken from my research is to up my game, be more confident in expressing myself and I don’t just mean on twitter screaming into the abyss about how fucked up the world is! I mean artistically.

It’s no longer about doing more, reading more, writing more etc it’s about enjoying what you and getting the most out of that experience. Every year I do the Goodreads challenge which is where you set yourself a number of books to read throughout the year, every year I fail to reach my target, not because I set a high number of books but because as my OH said to me it kind of takes the fun out of reading because you’re always thinking about the next book, so next year I’m not doing it! I’m not setting any challenges, yes I have goals but no challenges. I will make clothes, I will learn the techniques I need to make them I have a vague list of items that I want to learn to make, trousers, a coat, lingerie etc but that’s about as far as I have got. There will be no I’m going to write three blog posts a week, I will still be blog as and when probably aiming for at least once a week as long as I feel it’s worth publishing. I’m letting of go of stats and numbers and followers, I’m not failing because I’m not keeping up to set standards, I’m just following my own path. I get I might be repeating myself a bit over these posts but constantly reminding yourself of the objective is okay to keep you on track.

That saying I’m not knocking those who enjoy a good challenge, if that is what you need to do thrive and excel then go for it and I wholeheartedly encourage it but if you’re not enjoying it then maybe take a step back and ask yourself why? I want to enjoy making my clothes and much as I do wearing them, we seem to have lost the art of enjoying things as we constantly focus on how much work we are producing instead of focusing on why we are producing that work.

Not a new idea I know but I will be concentrating on the finer details when it comes to creating, so I guess a less is more theme to next year’s creativity. In other news I will be returning to my blogging roots and writing more about creativity and clothes, mostly making clothes, influences and trends etc but mostly  will be focusing on the quality of my work because I think that is what really counts.