I’ve been thinking about reviving a few projects that got cast by the wayside this year in favour of other things for one reason or another. One of my ongoing yearly projects is making my own clothes, last year this fell by the wayside and I finished a few items, none of the dresses fit and I still to work… View Post

Does that sound bad? Probably but learning to be a bit selfish is not always a bad thing, in fact sometimes it is necessary but this isn’t a psychology post so let’s move on! At the beginning of the year I set myself some challenges and then I got a bit overwhelmed because work too over, the last few months… View Post

  I’ve been meaning to add some more black and white pieces to my wardrobe for a while now. I actually have this material in three colour ways, white and orange, white and black and black and white. I mainly bought it because it was pretty cheap and perfect for toiles. Most of my toiles end up wearable and although… View Post

So I normally name my clothes after song titles but this one was inspired by Deadpool which I love and the fabric pattern just kind of reminded me of film, so I named it after the lead character. I also promise that I will start doing proper posts soon of me actually wearing the clothes I make but I won’t… View Post

This year I’m taking a more vintage approach to my wardrobe style, I was very much into vintage as a part of my style until I became self employed and then ended up mostly wearing jeans and t-shirt everyday for practicality sake more than anything, then my style just kind of waned a little. But I’ve been working on that… View Post