I don’t have a definitive set of resolutions or goals this year but I definitely decided that there should be less saying I’m going to do something and actually just do it instead. So last weekend I decided to stop whining about having no space to do anything and purged my workroom of stock and other stuff. The rule was… View Post

  Graffiti was one of the first art forms I was interested in as a kid despite at the time it was considered nothing but vandalism. As a child in the 80s I poured over books and articles of 70s and 80s NY subway art, incorporating the influence into some of my own art work now and then, intrigued by… View Post

Is someone who likes being in the woods. Ever since I was a child I have had a fascination with the woods, not in a fairy tale kind of way, I feel instantly connected with nature, way more than I do with humans. Humans assume too much, they go against the grain, they require too much energy to deal with.… View Post

Abandoned but not quite forgotten These guardians stand over their wards watching Whilst they sleep the eternal sleep. And slowly overtime, they decay and crumble as Mother nature slowly devours us bit by bit, Subtly reminding us That even though we look to the heavens for comfort The ones below just remind us That we’re all just food that hasn’t… View Post

I was going to the usual monthly round-up post but I’ve spent most of the month trying to catch up with work and so not much to report after what I’ve already blogged about already, so I though instead of doing monthly round ups as I plan on blogging a lot more anyway, doing photo posts. Anyway here a few… View Post