It dawned on me that I’m very much in tune with the seasons, I move with them like the tide as each one rolls in and out. In the winter I tend to be me more sombre with an urgent desire to rest and recharge, the darker days make me want to hunker down and hibernate, I become less social… View Post

So I finally closed my old Etsy shop, things have been slow for a while and as much as I love vintage and it’s been a very good sideline for me,  to the point where it became so busy it took over and became my mainline, it’s time to get back to being creative. As sales decline, the break from… View Post

I lied, the last post wasn’t the last post of me rambling about spring cleaning and purging everything to make space because it has become apparent that this clear out may just be an ongoing project as it spreads to various other parts of my life and work. I mentioned in my last post that I need actual physical space… View Post