365 Project – Week 13

So if I was feeling the inspiration fading last week, this week was even worse. I guess that being in the midst of a massive clear out and work overhaul doesn’t help and half way through this week I wanted to kick this project in the nuts and concede defeat. You should know (if you haven’t figured it out already) I can be a tad over dramatic at time but my sister and I have concluded that it’s a genetic and that we come from a long line of drama queens!
Anyhoo, my instagram feed was looking a little less than impressive this week and I know I shouldn’t rely on likes or numbers but the last minute grainy photos began to take there toll and aren’t creating any interest in the project. Also some of my projects have come to standstill because of work (I know I should stop blaming work for everything but really it’s true), also I feel the compelling need to delete this feed and start again because I have no fricking idea what I’m doing with it and this creative slump is kind of getting to me now!
85/365 – This is probably the best picture you’re going to get this week because it’s pretty much all downhill from here! So on Saturday I made another trip to the craft store to buy some replacements buttons for the ones I bought last week and lost! So I finally finished the Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots cardigan and that’s item number 6 of the year done and dusted.
86/365 – So I posted this picture a day late, ironically I forgot because I was doing a free online photography course in how to style flat lays and as you can see I paid a lot of attention! Seriously though, I did learn a few things, the course was only available for 24 hours, so I squeezed it in at the end of my day and the videos were super helpful and informative and I know that photography is my weak point at the moment, mostly because I rush and never bother to fix the lighting issues. But I’ll be running through the exercises again and practising some more, lord knows I have a tonne of stock to reshoot and practice with.
So I cast on a new project, I ditched this wool for now and recast on with another because it wasn’t suitable.



87/365 – At this point I wish I’d made this project a little broader, maybe 365 days of creativity but you know the point of a goal is to stick to it not keep moving the posts. So I started some new projects to get practicing my hand stitching again, as I was to do more embroidery pieces. This flat lay looks like some kind of weird homage to HAL is Space Odyssey.
88/365 – Another late grainy picture, maybe that should be my theme! You can’t see the sparkly thread in this and I don’t recommend using sparkly crochet twine for embroidery because it splits but this is just a practice piece for myself and my art/inspiration wall in my work room. I also ended up unstitching this and restarting with a new colour.
89/365 –  At this point in the week I decided to change the format of this project and post it just to the blog! In a bid to focus more on the quality of this project and documenting it and then I didn’t document anything at all! I started some new projects but I literally hit a wall with this project and was like I’m out! Out of ideas, out of inspiration, out of steam and I’m not enjoying it! I posted this pic and said I was taking an break from Instagram, sometimes when you step away from something and give yourself space you see the bigger picture. The bigger picture is I need to enjoy doing stuff, I need to enjoy my work so the project went on hiatus, which in all reality probably means it’s dead for good!
I feel kinda of bad giving up but at the same time good about giving it up. So whilst I didn’t delete my whole feed, I did delete the pictures I wasn’t happy with, basically I just posted because I need a picture for that day. I went back a bit further and deleted most of the posts from challenges, basically all the poorly lit and out of focus pics. At the end of the day I need to be posting because I want to not because I have to, plus content IS important when establishing a business and showing your work, so it’s done now, no going back. I’m not sure what’s next, I need a time out to refocus and think about what I want to do especially with this new shop, so I’ll leave it at that.
Maybe I’ll start another 365project at a later date and maybe I’ll plan this one instead of winging it like usually do, just maybe!
Natasha x


365 Project – Week 12

Welcome to week 12 of #365 days of stitching and also post 200 of this blog! There’s not been a whole lot of stitching this week as I’ve been working on clearing stuff out as making changes to work but I still got a few things finished.

78/365 –  Pretty proud of this collar, can’t say the same for the cock up I made on the sleeve but hopefully I’ll be able to fix it.

79/365 – Worked on finishing off my Nuuk sweater. I hate picking up stitches, mainly because I’m a perfectionist.

80/365 – Made a lot more budget purses for the shop, which should be going up this week.

81/365 – Finished the sleeves.

82/365 – Have mostly been knitting this as my sewing space is out of action whilst I get on with this clear out. Having a fabric and pattern clear out, which will also be going on Etsy this week (hopefully).

83/365 – Started working on this scarf again. Hopefully a sample for the new shop.

84/365 – Finished the Nuuk sweater, just needs blocking. Despite swatching for this I still managed to knit it larger than it should have been, also had one ball of wool left over, so I could have knit it a bit longer. So my next one I’m going to knit a size smaller and longer. One day I’ll get the hang of the gauge thing.
And that was this weeks stitching. I’m a little worried about next week as I have a lot of work to get through before the end of March. Hopefully it won’t be all knitting pics, as I’m still concerned that this project is getting a bit samey but only 281 days to go!!! But then I guess that’s real life really, this project isn’t a curated Instagram project, it’s very cutaneous which at times comes across as not very spontaneous at all, if that makes any sense.

365 Project – Week 11

Welcome to week 11, this week I started sewing my spring and summer wardrobe as there was a definite spring vibe this week and the weather is a touch warmer in that I haven’t needed my winter coat much.

71/365 – So I started off with some shirts. I wanted them to be slightly longer to wear with leggings but turns I didn’t have enough for either, so they were normal length and the eye print is going to be long sleeve and the bear print sleeveless but will need some adjustment as I forgot to account for the fact that armholes on sleeved items sometimes run a little bigger! You live and learn!

72/365 – Finished the Alpha Beta Gaga dress just need to find time to photograph it for a blog post.

73/365 – New patterns arrived from Named Clothing, can’t wait to see what’s in their new collection  when it’s released on Wednesday.

74/365 – More purses from project remnants! The great clear out is slowly getting there.

75/365 – Using up more leftover fabric and found some metallic coloured leather I’ve been hoarding for whatever reason and so more purses and cardholders. this will be the last of the bags and purses for a while, then moving on to clearing out the hair accessory supplies.

76/365 – More progress on the Nuuk sweater, hopefully will finish this by the end of the month.

77/365 -Went and bought some button for my  Salal cardigan and also came back with some new yarn for another one as I really like the fit of this cardigan. Also some new crochet hooks with wider handles to hopefully stop hand cramp and some Aida fabric for my embroidery/cross stitch projects. There is a blog post imminent but I’m finally opening up my new shop this year and moving towards my intended goal.

365 Project – Week 10

So almost a fifth way through the project which doesn’t sound as long as 300 days to go. This week I really felt the oh my god why did I start this project stress but I figure some weeks and going to be easier than others. It also probably didn’t help that I’ve been stressing over work related things the last few weeks and so my mind has been on other things. I had chat with The Goth, made a few decisions about changes I want to make and am feeling a little better and less overwhelmed. Saying that I did managed to stitch every day just not much sewing but a lot of knitting and practising my crocheting.

64/365 _ Can we talk about how much I hate sewing button holes, they are worse than zips! Half of them turned out fine, the other half just I don’t know what happened! Thankfully the buttons are big and pretty enough to distract from the mess!

65/365  – Started sorting through my embroidery stuff, turns out I’ve hoarded a lot of hoops but with good reason. I always planned on launching an embroidery art range, just need to sit down and design some art to embroider. In the mean time I might finish this and hang it up!

66/365 – Still practising my crochet, almost got the tension right, still loosing and gaining stitches all over the place!

67/365  – Made a little more headway on my Nuuk sweater, about another 10 inches on the body to go!

68/365 – Decided I needed to start on some new sewing project and make myself some shirts. I found this sewing pattern is a charity shop ages ago, the bear fabric is going to be short sleeved and the eyes a long sleeved.

69/365 – Tried a new way to join ends, turns out I didn’t quite do the Russian method right but I there was enough length in the join for it hopefully not to matter or unravel, just need to snip the messy ends, also need to get back to taking better pictures, all this weeks are late nighters which I promised I wouldn’t do any more. Bring on summer and long sunny days I say!

70/365 – Nearly finished this dress, button are sewn on loving the epaulettes feature on this garment. Only have to finish the belt and I’m done with item 6!
What have you been making this week?

365 project – Week 9

Welcome to week 9 of 365 days of stitching. I didn’t get any blogging done last week as I decided instead to focus on tackling the supplies situation in my work room and trying to get the shop restocked a little. I ended up moving all my vintage stock into the living room and this made things a little easier to move around and I managed to get some sewing practice in and make a bunch of purses from scraps for my zero waste challenge.
I also managed to get a bunch of photography done and listed about 50 new things in the shop but to be honest I need to retake all the photos as they are too dark but the listings are out there because needs be!
This week I hope to get back into my blogging schedule, I’ve been doing the Blogacademy course I bought last year on discount and it’s helping me to focus on why I blog and where I want to take my blog. The good thing about an online course is that I can do it at my own pace over a few days which is better when handling that amount of information! I’m hoping to finish that this week. But first back to what I stitched last week!

57/365 – Joined my Hazy Shade of Winter sweater in the round and watched lots of episodes of X Files whilst working on the yoke.

58/365 – Started my sewathon on the Monday, to clear out some supplies and make some budget price purses for the shop.

59/365 – Working with glitter fabric and denim both of which are new to me, needs a little refinement.

60/365 – Found a tonne of scraps from old projects and made an assortment of purses

61/365 – No sewing on this day but made plenty of progress on my sweater. Finally finished the yoke, put the sleeves on hold and started knitting the body in the round. Think I will get through plenty of X Files episodes on this one as it’s basically knitting stocking stitch in the round.

62/365 – More purses, won’t be in time for Valentines but then I never am but hearts are good all year round right?

63/365 – Started to finish my Alpha Beta Gag dress which is technically a toile but a wearable one at that. I’m learning lots about adding in linings where there is no provision in the original pattern to do so. Next time sleeves before collar! All I have to do is finish the button holes and the belt and it’s done. Though I’m a little worried it looks like a funky lab coat on me!