Style Challenge

I have sewn since I was young but bought my first sewing machine when I was 23 to start making my home clothes because I was getting bored of searching for clothes on the high street that would fit. They either fit on the waist and were too tight on the bust or fit the bust and saggy round the waist, so I decided to start making my own. Some of my first creations were interesting to say the least but even though I’m still learning, my skills have improved immensely and now I want to make as many of my own clothes as possible. About ten years ago I discovered my love of vintage but it being hard to find clothes in my size, I started seeking out vintage and retro patterns to sew, I also started learning customise and refashion clothes I found in charity shops as I would find things I liked but they were maybe too big or the wrong style.

These days I mostly make my own clothes or shop second hand and vintage where I can, not just because I like to have clothes that are unique and reflect my own style but also to move away from the disposable culture that has developed over the last few years in regards to fashion. New things that I do buy I try to buy more conscientiously but also more boldly, in the past I may have put something back because I thought it may have been too young, too old or too whatever but these days if I like it and it suits me, then I buy it!

This challenge is about creating a wardrobe to fit around my ever eclectic, ever evolving style.

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