I think I’m becoming one of those people obsessed with clearing out stuff but I’ve realised one of the reasons it takes me so long to get stuff done is because I do too many things at a time and so have spent the best part of the year so far scaling back and getting rid of stuff not just… View Post

Something I’m see a lot and am guilty of myself, is saying I’ve got so much to do and I’m being lazy by putting it off, or procrastinating by deep cleaning the oven, or watching one last episode of The Good Place, or one of a million other things that are completely unrelated to the task I’m supposed to be… View Post

Okay so it’s time to get this blog back on track, I’ve been writing a lot of opinion pieces lately because well I, like everyone else have a lot of opinions on everything but I really don’t want this to become a ranty blog, though from time to time I will probably blog about other stuff other than creativity and… View Post

Social media and mental health: When to use the mute and block buttons. … View Post

I lied, the last post wasn’t the last post of me rambling about spring cleaning and purging everything to make space because it has become apparent that this clear out may just be an ongoing project as it spreads to various other parts of my life and work. I mentioned in my last post that I need actual physical space… View Post