National Journal Writing Month


I only really found out about this last-minute but I thought it would be a good exercise to get back into writing daily, especially as I want to write more and actually finish a story at some point. I’m slowly shifting to making more time for developing good creative habits, my #365project for stitching every day got off to a good start even if it did bomb due to poor planning but I think 30 days is a nice small goal to kick-start me off again.

NaJoWriMo is the brainchild of Bakari Chavanu and runs four times a year in January, April, July and October. You can sign up for the free 30 day journal course or purchase the themed course for that month for a small fee of $10. For this you’ll get 30 days of prompts for the course and are advised to set aside time each day to complete the prompt of the day. This months theme is Personal renewal through journaling, it didn’t really leap out at me as a topic, maybe at this point in time it’s just not for me so opted for the 30 day course, if this works out then I will probably opt for the creativity course after.

I got my first prompt yesterday because I signed up a little early, so I thought I’d just get on with it, rather than work a day behind. The prompt was to write a list of 10-20 things, I ended up with 22 items on my list in the end to work on. Lists are good I think, they’re a quick and easy reference to get shit done as they say and keep track of it. So I’m off to a good start, I’ve also gone digital and using Evernote to keep

So that’s a little creative writing task for April to help me get back into regular writing! Maybe this will help set me up for NaNoWriMo this year, who knows I might even complete it this time! Though November is never a good time for me to take on extra activities as it’s usually one of the busiest sales months!

Do you journal? Are you a traditional dear diarist or a bullet journaler? Send me your tips on journaling.


NaNoWriMo Update

So today I managed to hit over the 10,000 word mark, not bad for my first week. Although I was away for the first two days of the challenge I took one of my million notebooks with me and in the evenings I would do a bit of writing so as not to fall behind. Regardless of how tired I feel or inspired I feel I write everyday no matter how small just to stay in habit and we all know it’s easier to break a habit than to build it. At the last minute I changed my story mainly because I couldn’t find my notes but that’s okay because I’m kind of actually enjoying writing this story, it’s fun I’m literally making up the story as I go along, I had no prep done what so ever, it’s actually based on short story I did for writing class a few good years ago, I have no idea where it’s going but I like that.

I started using Novlr to keep track of my word count, it’s a beta site and invite only. It’s simple and is actually great for writing novels, although it is prone to bugs, one of them being sometimes it doesn’t save your work, so I lost about 600 words. My bad for not backing up my work elsewhere. So know I’m writing it on a fake word programme on my computer. Also the word count is out on Novlr, if you manually add up the word count for each chapter it’s different to the total that Novlr has counted by about 600 words! My theory is it’s still counting the 600 words that didn’t save/disappeared!

So I’m a little behind but to be honest I’m just happy to be writing again, it’s been a while and I’m definitely out of practice and my novel is well terrible but I don’t care, I’m writing again and I sure have missed it!

It’s Almost NaNoWriMo Time Again!

So I managed to import my old blog Somewhere in the Metropolis into this blog, I went through and posted most of them as it felt a shame to to just delete all that work. Some of them I still need to find the original photos for before reposting, it also transpires I now have an extra 30 posts also sitting in my drafts folders!! But what reading some of my old posts have taught me about myself is that I’m really, really crap at following things through. I have no idea why I make resolutions, I haven’t taken up any real exercise or lost any significant weight although my doctor did manage to squeeze the phrase have you thought about joining a gym into the same sentence about three times, apparently a woman of my age should join a gym apparently!

Also apparently the next year will always be my year and will be the best year ever, that’s bull crap because no matter how good a time your having something crap will always swing by to say hi, it’s how you deal with it that counts.

Oh and every year I’m gonna complete NaNoWriMo, actually I was so bad last year I forgot to sign up! But I was reminded again that it’s nearly November and novel writing time again so like the fool I am I signed up, only time will tell whether I will complete this year or not but I’ll give it a go and keep you updated on here. My story has a beginning and end but no middle and I’m away for the first three days on the challenge on a mini break to belated celebrate The Goth’s birthday so I’ll have some serious catching up to do Monday night, also the holiday season is coming up so work will be very busy, I kinda wish there was a JaNoWriMo! Anyway, if my tweets and blogs seemed more rambled than usual, you’ll know why!

Though looking back I haven’t been all bad at following things though, like I finally quit my evil day job a few months a go and am now technically self employed, so I guess I do get there in the end just a little longer than some!

PS If you’re doing NaNoWriMo you can find me under the username MsDeVil and add me as a writing buddy!


So for some unknown reason November is always the worst month for me, it’s always filled with drama of some kind. This year both my dad and brother ended up in hospital in unrelated incidents, thankfully both are fine and on the mend but the worry can take its toll. Also it meant I forgot to do a commission and ended up knocking out two dresses over the course of two evenings, so despite cancelling a craft fair to make more time for myself I ended up with barely anytime at all this month. So all this along with the evil day job meant stressed induced insomnia and any sleep that had been got was plagued with very unsettling dreams.

So NaNoWroMo ended up a bust and only got 20% of it done however my plan is now the novel is started to keep adding to it when I can. As for the rest of the resolutions and in case you forgot here they are

  • Now that the flat is tidy, keep it that way. As a crafter my tiny nest quickly turns into chaos with stuff buried beneath mounds of material and paper.
  • Get to work early so I can leave early therefor have more time in the evening to do stuff. As I am not a morning person and particularly partial to my bed this is a challenging one.
  • Get into shape and lose some weight. I have started a health regime about a million times this year plus some of my clothes have become too snug for comfort so need to sort myself out!
  • What less crap on TV and actually watch the DVDs and programmes I have saved up. This list is getting pretty extensive.
  • Complete NaNoWriMo this year!

Well the flat is still pretty much tidy but I’m due to start crafting my handmade christmas gifts so it probably won’t last much longer.

The lack of sleep has made getting up early harder and has been hit and miss.

Get into shape and lose some weight has been a total fail. I went to Boots and weighed myself. Note to self do not check bank balance and weigh yourself in public on the same day as it is not good for your self-esteem. So it turns out not only am I’m overweight by about a stone, my body fat content is considered poor! My waist measurement is not exactly healthy either and having heart problems running down both sides of the family and at my age I really need to start be more healthy. So luckily I have managed to get my hands on a steps machine and will be able to do some extra exercise in the evening and have decided to take up some kind of dance course in the new year.

TV has been watched less, DVDs are still stacked up waiting to be watched so one out two is better than none!

So I’ve decided next year will be a ME year. I need to stop spreading myself so thin and take time out and concentrate on sorting myself out.  So next year there will be one resolution and that is to take better care of myself and everything else can wait. Obviously life is never that simple so I expect to come across adversity of some kind and no doubt bore you to death blogging about it.

Changes of Direction

So finally the weekend is here, it’s been an odd week of decision-making. I have finally decided after a year and a bit of trying to knock commissioned based craft and sewing projects on the head and go back to crafting and sewing for myself. There is a combinations of reasons for this but mainly lack of time. I have found that people are way too picky and unreliable or not communicative enough, with the little spare time that I actually have and the fact that I only just breaking even if I’m lucky the tiredness and stress is not worth it. But I gave it a go and that is what counts I guess. I feel happier and weight off my shoulders now. If the evil day job wears me out as it often does I can home without feeling guilty for not doing any crafting. In fact one of the bonus’ of this is that my creativity seems to have returned in that now I’m not working to a rule or deadline I find myself more inspired as I’m not so blinkered anymore. Last night was the first night I had been out in ages for a dinner and movie with a friend and made me realised how much I had actually missed it.

Also life changes direction when you least expect it. This time last year I was free and single, now I’m settled in a relationship with my partner and his daughter, so the focus on what is important changes and responsibilities get shifted. Oddly and I never thought I’d hear myself say this but this change suits me well and I have no problem with taking on the dynamics of a modern family.

NaNoWriMo seems to be NaNoNoGo at the moment, November for some unknown reason is always a busy month for me and trying to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days is one of those ridiculous things I’m convinced that I can fit in but know that in reality it’s not gonna happen. I might take it up gain in January when the winter is bleak and everybody is skint and I’ll a few spare hours on my hands.

The Resolutions are going so well either, overslept twice this week and the diet appears to have gone out the window again! However I did bake and decorate a themed cake from scratch which turned out pretty good and start making my christmas presents so swings and roundabouts I guess!

This weekend is meeting the in-laws for the time, hopefully I won’t make a massive twat of myself!