Love Cats

The last handmade outfit from our holiday is the Love Cats shirt. Originally I had four shirts planned but only managed to finish one!!! The other three are waiting a little alteration and some buttons but this one I’m quite proud of as not only did I leave it as a last minute decision but I also hacked a pattern to get the shirt, so it turning out as well as it did was great and taught me that I really just need to have more confidence in myself and not to over think things.


As we the other four tops I only had a metre of fabric to work but I still managed to line up the fabric pattern pretty well. I didn’t have a shirt pattern in my stash so I hacked a vintage shirt dress pattern.


I left off the sleeves and added in some extra darts. The sleeve edges were finished quite hastily so with one of the other three shirts I’m going to experiment with some cap sleeves from another pattern to see if that works and also give the shirts a little variety.


I also added some length to the body, not as much as I wanted too because of the lack of material but enough to work well with a pair of Capri or cigarette pants. This top just sits above the hips so there was no need to make any adjustments to the cut to fit the hips.


Loving the tropical fruit mixed with flowers at the moment, so I ended buying a few pieces from Viva Dulce Marina at the Car Show on Saturday.


I used to wear flowers in my hair all the time and then I stopped but then I discovered this colour contrasts really against my hair colour and I stocked up!


Faux tooled handbag originally from primark but purchased in a charity shop for £2 and trousers from H&M.

Also this shirt counts towards my 2016 Vintage Pledge, so that’s two items down for that!

Pattern – Top hacked from a vintage shirt dress pattern

Material – Atomic Kitty by Michael Miller.

Style – Vintage/Retro

Size – 40 Bust

Post Title – Love Cats by The Cure



Release The Stars

For this dress I used Butterick Retro pattern, however due to a serious lack of time I didn’t finish the neckline properly in that I opted for a plain round neckline instead of the v cut outs and I didn’t make the belt. I also didn’t line it but with this material I didn’t need to. Despite being a rush job and needing a little tweaking here and there I actually love this dress to bits and these photos don’t really do it justice. Hotel lighting isn’t the greatest. Seriously why is all bedside lamps???
Release The Stars Dress


I saw someone else with a satin version of this dress whilst I was there but I have to say I prefer cotton which is what I used and this start print is amazing. I think I paid about £5 a metre for this fabric and bought loads of it intended for another dress because I had another fabric in mind for this one but took so long getting round to buying it, it sold out!
Release The Stars Handmade Dress

// The construction of this dress is relatively easy and I’m liking the side zip because it meant I didn’t have to do any adjustments to the back like I usually have to.

Realease the Stars OOTD

// I’m thinking I could definitely hack the skirt of this pattern to make a strappy top version of this for summer with some tropical inspired material.

Realease the Stars Dress Rear

// I also really like the length of this dress, it’s just right. Like I said I really love this pattern and will definitely be making a few more for my wardrobe.

Carved Heels by Lou Lou Cherry

// My major treat from our trip were these shoes from Lucky Lou Shoes. I’ve coveted a pair of carved heels for like ever now and this are so comfy!

Black Vintage Handbag

// Handbag is vintage. Most of my vintage is actually handbags, head scarves and jewellery because I find it hard to get clothes that I like that fit.

And this item is my first towards my Vintage Pledge challenge!

Pattern – B5880 Retro Butterick ’51

Material – Black Viscose with Star Print

Style -Retro/Vintage

Size -40 bust

Notes: Modified the neckline to a plain neckline.

Post Title -Release The Stars by Rufus Wainright

Club Tropicana

This isn’t technically a vintage or retro style pattern but with simple patterns like this one, it’s mostly down to the accessorising to create a retro feel. For this dress, I used a pattern I have used quite a bit over the years mainly because I like the style on me, also I much prefer sleeveless dresses in the the summer. I wore this outfit for the car show and was probably the first time in a long time that I had put in effort to create a retro look. Sitting at home in front on a sewing machine or computer most days has really made me lazy in regards to my style but this trip to VLV19 was probably the kick up the butt I needed in regards to my style. I purposefully made a wardrobe for this trip which made think about what style I wanted to make, also I did a fair bit of shopping without fear I might add to fill up the gaps in my wardrobe and most of that was vintage and stuff I wouldn’t usually buy! Also all the rifling through the racks gave me plenty of inspiration in regards to style, colour, patterns etc and it’s been a real boost and made me realise how much I miss the vintage element of my own personal style. It might not always be prevalent but I like to include a little aspect here and there, even if it’s just a hair flower.

Of course there is no such thing as too much pink even if you are part Goth. I’m also part tropical (I’m half Mauritian) so I love a good tropical print and a dose of sunshine!
I usually struggle with lining up the straps on this pattern to conceal my bra but I think I’ve finally mastered it!
I picked up the parasol in the Hotel gift shop as the Car Show is outside, I picked it up because it was pink not realising it was Betty Page until I opened it for these photos, and that the flowers also matched my dress! So both were a nice surprise.
I used to wear hair flowers all the time, so it was nice to stock up on fresh but faux supply. I should probably start making my own! Hair flower from a VLV vendor (forgot to get the name sorry).
Vintage Moonglow bangles bought from Rainbow Vintage at this years and VLV17
I wanted a new handbag and it was a choice between two, a practical Banned handbag in orange with bamboo handles and a little pineapple charm or this Acrylic Watermelon Bag sold at VLV by The Ritual, as you can see this one won! The watermelon theme seemed to be quite prevalent as this years festival, actually I saw a lot of fruit themed outfits and I foresee a fruit themed clothes making spree on the horizon! I couldn’t afford to splash out on a vintage Lucite purse but one day I will, so for now this little number will just have to do!


Photography by Tim Campbell

Pattern – Simplicity 7072

Material – Cotton
Style – Vintage/Retro

Size – 40 Bust

Post Title -Club Tropicana by Wham!

Pretty in Pink

How much pink is too much pink? Who cares is my answer! Funnily enough despite pink being one of my favourite colours, I don’t own a lot of pink clothing. Well with my recent sewing spree, this has changed and I now have a few more pink based items in my wardrobe, so here is the first of a few outfit posts now that I’ve finally got round to making some clothes.
SAM_7414// was only fitting that I wore this dress to visit my flamingo friends at The Flamingo Hotel.


And my cardigan from Collectif Clothing.


I made this dress using two different patterns to give this dress a more vintage/retro feel. There’s not much to really sa about the constructio of this dress as I’ve used both these patterns before qite a bit and they’re are relatively simple patterns. Though I did cheat and machine the hemline due to lack of time.


I didn’t bother to line this dress as the cotton was thick enough not to have to.

I’m still working on getting better at taking outfits photos, ie bossing my poor husband round more and trying to be more confident when taking photos in a public space. Also to take more photos, so I have more to choose from! I did learn from this mini shoot that standing in direct sunlight was probably not the best option and that shade works a little better, also should probably practice posing a bit more to look a lot less awkward (I have no idea what I’m doing with my feet in the last photo)! I’m also going to learn how to use the manual setting properly on my camera, I have a lot of stock to reshoot, so this should help with that matter.

Pattern – Top Simplicity7072, skirt Vintage vogue V2902

Material – Garden of Joy by Karen Roti for Clothworks 100% Cotton , Lining, cotton.

Style – Vintage/Retro

Size – 40 Bust

Post Title -Pretty In Pink by The Psychedelic Furs


What I Wore: On My Wedding Day

This should probably be titled ‘What I Nearly Didn’t Wear on my Wedding Day!’ So originally I was going to make my dress, I figured four months would be plenty of time and if that didn’t work out then I’d wear one of my sparkly vintage dresses. Then on Twitter one night, Dita Von Teese tweeted about her dress range being on sale and I found the perfect dress, a simple and elegant vintage style black cocktail dress with chiffon scarf called the Follow Me dress, the size 12 (American size) was my exact measurements and it was 40% off, so we got it. A few weeks later we got an email saying they were trying to locate the size and what did we want to do if they didn’t have have it. We replied and then heard nothing, we chased again and then got an apology, the dressed had been posted and then returned and was now being resent by courier, cue me stalking said tracked package as it winged it’s way to old blighty. The dress was finally delivered, I tried it on and well yeah!

Despite the label stating it was a size 12, it was actually a size bigger!! I measured it and they had stuck the wrong size label into the dress! Having planned a wedding in such a short space of time, I didn’t have time to send it back and request a new one, so I had several alternative options; make a dress, crash diet and fit into one of my vintage dresses (I stopped dieting so I wouldn’t have to alter the Follow Me Dress), eat an awful lot of cake to bulk out to fit into it or alter it. I decided to take the sensible option and alter it after several people reminded me that I could actually do it myself.  I did consider having it professionally altered to save me any stress like messing it up but then I thought I’ve been sewing clothes for years I can do this, why am I being silly? So the first things I did was to go out and buy the bra I was going to wear with the dress. Having a big bust, I’ve always struggled to find strapless bras but this one from Debenhams is super awesome and has multiway straps as well and didn’t break the bank like some good supporting, well made bras can! Then wearing the bra, I pinned the dress where it needed taking in. All it really required was taking it in at the sides, so the right side was easy just pin and sew on the inside, this altered the look of the dress slightly as the bodice had no side seam on the right but when I finished it had.
The left side required a little more work as the bodice was ruched with a light silk material, so before removing the zip I baste stitched (twice just to be on the safe side) where the zip needed to go before removing the zip. I then reinserted the zip, which I baste stitched in first just to make sure I had the right fitting before securing it with a machine stitch. I then restitched the lining in by hand because it was easier with this kind of material and then removed all the baste stitching. I then also raised the shoulder an inch as because of my frame I have short shoulders (yes that is a thing) and most standard straps are always too long for me. People asked me afterwards why didn’t I complain, send it back or ask for a refund but too be honest there wasn’t time to send it back and also I can and did fix the situation myself. I put it down to a mistake, these things happen, I promised myself I wouldn’t get stressed out or go all bridezilla and I stayed true to myself!! I also took the boning out because it was uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure it was put in on the wrong side!!!! Anyhoo, I’m pretty proud of the job I did on it.
 And now for the rest of my outfit.
I’ve always wanted a pair of Irregular Choice shoes, they are cute and quirky and make any outfit fun, so I chose the ‘Can’t Touch This‘ Shoes. 
After much umming and ahhing over their awesome jewellery and trying on many different styles, I opted for the Carousel Horse Large Necklace from Tatty Devine.
Bracelets from Hennes and Handbag from my vintage collection
Our wedding rings came from The Great Frog London, mine is the four skulls and The Goth got the Carpe Diem ring.
Rainbow and Blue Roses from Isle of Flowers in London Bridge Station for my bouquet. I had to have these after seeing them on RocknRollBrides Instagram feed. Cue running down to London Bridge on a very rainy Thursday to grab some of these beauties. They are currently being dried to put on display, so no I didn’t throw the bouquet!

Hair and Make up by my awesomely talented friend Bronagh O’Neill. We went with vintage pin curls and flowers in my hair and my make up lasted all day (and it was a long day!)

I will admit we may have splashed out a little on my outfit, though I think £600 for a bridal outfit and accessories is pretty good going these days and I chose things I could and would want to wear again, so it was a good excuse to buy stuff  I had been coveting for a while!

 The Goth wore his trusted black suit that he wears to all weddings with a pink tie and pink socks to match my hair! We had the suit dry cleaned for a massive £12 so he was a budget bridegroom and looked totally amazing.

I was never going to be a traditional bride, actually I never saw myself as a bride at all but the important thing is that you are comfortable with you are wearing on the day and that you wear something that is you.

Natasha x