Tropical Themed Fabric Haul

fabric haul

After having a little clear out of some old fabrics and then the start of the vintage pledge, I decided to stock up on some tropical themed fabrics I’ve had my eye on. Unfortunately when I went to buy them, one of them had sold out but they still had it in another a colourway, so after umming and aahhing I opted for that.

This year I’ve been buying a lot more cream and white fabrics which means I need to go and stock up on some lining. My sewjo has waned a little over the last few months but my clear out project for work is nearly complete and my work room is no longer chaos and soon I’ll be able to get back to sewing and also taking some outfit posts of stuff I’ve already made!

But back to today’s post, I have about four or five online retailers I go to get fabric depending what’s in stock at the time. They all so far have been very reliable and very speedy with their shipping.

To start off with I got this tropical beach in Indigo fabric by Sevenberry  which is Made in Japan and I got from The Village Haberdashery.

tropical ech by sevenberry

It’s cotton and has a really nice drape to it, it’s £14 a metre but I used some of my stash points (a loyalty scheme) to get a small discount. I bought 3 metres and I do have an actual plan for this fabric which might man frankensteining two different patterns together.

Next up was my Fabric Godmother order. All these are a linen/cotton mix at £9 a metre

monkey puzzle in orange

This Monkey Puzzle print I originally wanted in the blue colourway but it sold out. I’m thinking culottes or shorts for this.

pink pineapples

The pink pineapples I think I will use to make a 70s style maxi dress from a pattern in my stash. These cotton/linen mixes are quite lightweight and a bit see through, so will need a lining.

mega pineapple

I’m on a bit of theme here but I couldn’t resist this mega pineapple print! These pineapples are about 30cm long, so I’m not sure yet what to make with it. I’m thinking maxi skirt or use this as a skirt on a dress with a black top. I need to think this one through but I’m swaying towards maxi skirt. Alternatively they will make great cushion covers!

Lastly I got this Frida inspired border print by Alexander Henry from Fabrics Galore.

frida border print by alexander henry

frida by alexander henry

There will definitely be a pencil/wiggle skirt whether it be attached to a dress or just on its own. I’m thinking I need to make more combo pieces, so I can mix and match stuff.

So that my little haul, all I need to do now is wash them and sort out some patterns ready for some sewing!

Have you got any sewing plans for this summer?

Tasha x

A Vintage Pledge


I took part in last years Vintage Pledge and much to my surprise I came in as a runner-up in one of the categories. Although it wasn’t for certain if the pledge would be running this year, Marie from A Stitch Odyssey still set up a pledge board on Pinterest for those who wanted to share this year’s makes, and I asked to join as an incentive to keep up with sewing pledges this year.

I got off to a good start this year but the last month thanks to a myriad of reasons I’ve slacked off the making part a bit, mainly because of work but I’m determined to get my sewing mojo back (as soon as I find my sewing table this mound of work). So when Marie posted that the Vintage Pledge was back I started to think about what I could pledge to make this year.

So I decided to split my pledge into two parts.

Part one is to finish all unfinished vintage makes from last year, this includes a few dresses, some shirts and a pair of Capri pants in the most amazing vintage daisy print denim I scored at VLV19 last year.

Part two I had to think about a little more. I bought some patterns last years from Wearing History and so definitely want to make those up this includes a 1930s jacket, a pair of 1940s work overalls (dungarees) and some 1930s sports togs which are a pair of trousers and a blouse. Not sure about the 1940 playsuit set that I also got.

I also want to work from patterns that I haven’t used yet to add a bit of variety to my wardrobe but I think that will be a decision to make which ones as I go along. I’ve also been on a bit of a fabric spree and bought some lovely retro style print fabrics, mostly a tropical theme.

So that’s my pledge, I haven’t set a specific number but it’s also good to know knitted items are included as I have two volumes of A Stitch in Time to choose from as well. Let me know if you are joining in the pledge, so I can keep up with your makes on your blog or Instagram.


365 Project – Week 12

Welcome to week 12 of #365 days of stitching and also post 200 of this blog! There’s not been a whole lot of stitching this week as I’ve been working on clearing stuff out as making changes to work but I still got a few things finished.

78/365 –  Pretty proud of this collar, can’t say the same for the cock up I made on the sleeve but hopefully I’ll be able to fix it.

79/365 – Worked on finishing off my Nuuk sweater. I hate picking up stitches, mainly because I’m a perfectionist.

80/365 – Made a lot more budget purses for the shop, which should be going up this week.

81/365 – Finished the sleeves.

82/365 – Have mostly been knitting this as my sewing space is out of action whilst I get on with this clear out. Having a fabric and pattern clear out, which will also be going on Etsy this week (hopefully).

83/365 – Started working on this scarf again. Hopefully a sample for the new shop.

84/365 – Finished the Nuuk sweater, just needs blocking. Despite swatching for this I still managed to knit it larger than it should have been, also had one ball of wool left over, so I could have knit it a bit longer. So my next one I’m going to knit a size smaller and longer. One day I’ll get the hang of the gauge thing.
And that was this weeks stitching. I’m a little worried about next week as I have a lot of work to get through before the end of March. Hopefully it won’t be all knitting pics, as I’m still concerned that this project is getting a bit samey but only 281 days to go!!! But then I guess that’s real life really, this project isn’t a curated Instagram project, it’s very cutaneous which at times comes across as not very spontaneous at all, if that makes any sense.

The Knit Life!

I ordered a sewing mag the other day and was sorely disappointed especially as I’d paid £10 for it. I try to support independent as much as possible but I found the content more about people who sew than actually sewing or patterns, there were other issues. I know it was a first issue but first impressions stick, so I guess I won’t be buying that again.
But as you know I’m really getting into my knitting lately. there are a few knitting mags I’ve wanted to try for a while and I’m not adverse to spending £10 on a publication, in fact I’ve spend a lot more. Independent magazines/publications have been my go to source for inspiration and reading for a few years now. I love walking into the Tate Modern shop and stocking up on a few new issues to keep me going through the month, I’m a sucker for well laid out, informative publication.
So despite buying the sewing mag on a whim, these whimsical purchase that result in disappointment are far and few between to put me off buying first issue  on a impulse! So I saw another new publication for knitting called Laine and immediately followed their insta account and hunted a round for a copy. They are based in Finland but they had a list of worldwide stockists and even though my local London stockist was out of copies, I found A Yarn Story still had some in stock and I also purchased a copy of Knit Wit which I’ve been eyeing up since the first issue but have never got round to purchasing.

They arrived pretty quick, I ordered them on Friday, and they arrived on Monday. Knitting is pretty much becoming my new passion but I’m going to talk about that in a different blog post and don’t want to repeat myself here, so back to the magazines.

This magazine did not disappointed, it’s filled with patterns, articles and recipes. As it the autumn/winter issue there are range of patterns for all levels from a simple hat to a cable knit dress, all in all there are 11 patterns, which I think is a pretty good bargain for I paid for the magazine and I’m trying my hardest not to cast on a jumper from it until I have finished at least one of my other cardigans! The magazine seems quite female focused except for a n interview with Stephen West, maybe there will be some men’s patterns in future issues. The layout and aesthetic is spot on and I cannot wait for the next issue.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Knit Wit but I did end up liking it. It’s aim is to bring together fibre, textiles and the people who are involved in the modern craft movement together through curated articles and photography, which it does very well. Thy focus on ‘interest over instruction’ and cover many different areas of the fibre and textile world, it is something I would definitely consider buying again.

(Disclaimer: I purchased these magazines with my own funds and was not asked to do a review of any kind by any of the parties mentioned in this post)

New Year, New Makes!

It appears I’m lacking a little in the creative title department but as much as I want to do more outfit posts of the things I make, I also don’t want to over do it to the point of boring people to death with similar items or items I have made before. So I want to blog more about making new patterns and the challenges I found with them. Also I’m a little too lazy and one of these items took so long to make, it’s currently too small for me to model anyway! But I want to keep you up to date on my me me made wardrobe and whatnot.

Come into My Dreamland Dress

This was the first dress I finished this year that has been sitting in the WIP like forever! So I installed a zip, finally mastered the art of bias binding and managed to find three buttons that matched in my massive random button stash!

This material is by Tula Pink and the pattern I used was a vintage shirt dress pattern. I didn’t have enough material to the a fill length or sleeves, so I had to shorten the skirt a bit.

My plan this year is to master fiddly finishing bits like sewing button holes that actually match, zips that aren’t lopsided, pockets of all kinds mainly ones with welts, waistbands which are not wonky and belts. On my current project I’m also teaching myself to add lining to an item where the pattern doesn’t include one because I’ve decided in my infinite wisdom to use a fabric that requires a lining because it’s a bit see through!
Pattern -Vintage Shirt Dress Pattern (unbranded)
Material –  Tula Pink Fox Trot in Dusk
Style -Vintage
Size -40 Bust
Post Title – Come into my Dreamland by Ed Harcourt
Death Trip To Tulsa Skirt

So sometimes I bulk cut out stuff in preparation for a sewing marathon, get distracted by something else and then forgot a project or two I had cut out. At one point I was convinced I had lost the pattern pieces I used for this skirt because I had tidied it away so well and they happened to be still attached to the fabric. It was only when I rediscovered this project that I also discovered the pattern pieces weren’t lost at all. This is why I try to stick to my one project rule but to be honest that never works. In fact when I decided to finally sew this skirt together I had just cut out another skirt!
This pattern is a simple skirt that I’ve sewn a few times before, it’s great when you only have a metre or so of fabric to use. It’s categorised as a one hour project but between being distracted updating Instagram and making cups of tea, it’s always more like two hours.
When I bought this material which is a thick cotton canvas, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I was originally thinking a coat but I thought it might be a bit too much, so I decided on a skirt and used the rest to make bags and purses for the shop. I still have a little bit lingering about somewhere as well.
So this was my second finished make of the year.
Pattern -New Look 6843
Material – Cotton Canvas
Post Title -Death Trip to Tulsa by The Mark Lanegan Band
Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill Skirt
I was actually looking for some other fabric for a project when I stumbled across this my local haberdashers, it was just to good not too buy. Being about £12 a metre I decided only to buy 2 metres and use for a skirt. The pattern was too bold for me to want to make a dress out of it but thought it would make a great statement skirt that could be paired with a black top. I also love the retro vibes is has going on.

So I rummaged around in my stash for a skirt pattern but due to the nature of the print I ended up taking the skirt pattern off a dress and altering the width of the base of the skirt, giving it more of a flare.

In my bid to use up whatever I can it my stash I used some pink cotton muslin as the lining. I’m not a fan of polyester lining, so I tend to opt for cotton where I can, it sort of matched as there is some pink in the print.

 I’m not totally happy with the waistband and this is something I need to work on as you can see this is an abysmal attempt at a waistband. I think I should have probably skipped the buttons and used a longer zip and maybe a hook and eye instead but it’s all a learning curve. I think I’m going to add some belt loops mostly to hide the mistake!.
This was my 3rd make of the year.
Pattern -Modified skirt from Butterick B4724
Material – 100% Cotton, no designer info available
Post Title – Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill by The Horrorpops