Winter has dragged this past season and in the last few weeks we’ve had snow which is rare London these days and with the passing of vernal equinox, someone needed to remind Ostara her winter break was over and get to work! But as I sit here writing this there is faint hint of spring in the air and it… View Post

I don’t consider myself a fashionista, I don’t really follow trends, I hate being in front of the camera and so rarely get round to blogging about clothes that I’ve made or vintage outfits I’ve put together, I should probably just get over my awkwardness and do so, I have some very nice clothes. During the week I rarely dress… View Post

I’ve been thinking about reviving a few projects that got cast by the wayside this year in favour of other things for one reason or another. One of my ongoing yearly projects is making my own clothes, last year this fell by the wayside and I finished a few items, none of the dresses fit and I still to work… View Post

Just because I dress vintage doesn’t make me old fashioned!… View Post

If you’re seasoned vintage seller, buyer, wearer etc, you are no doubt aware that there can be problems with any kind of vintage, preloved, secondhand items and clothing but if you’re not I’m going to list a few and the way you can deal with these. That Vintage Smell Recently I purchased a bag and it had that ‘smell’ that… View Post