I ordered a sewing mag the other day and was sorely disappointed especially as I’d paid £10 for it. I try to support independent as much as possible but I found the content more about people who sew than actually sewing or patterns, there were other issues. I know it was a first issue but first impressions stick, so I… View Post

  As I panic sew my way to my holiday wardrobe because I always leave everything to the last minute (or four weeks in this case), it got me thinking about how much I’ve improved since I first started. Although I started sewing nearly 16 year ago, I still have a way to go until I think I’m at a… View Post

Spring time is traditionally the time for a clear out and a tidy up and now is a good time to do the same in regards to your sewing supplies and tools. so here are a few things you can do to set yourself up for a summer of sewing. ♥ Give your sewing machines an MOT, change the needles,… View Post