Turns out I’m a little more in love with Twin peaks than I thought, I’ve been beyond ridiculously excited about the return on the new series that I went out and a now TV subscription especially so I wouldn’t miss out. I was also slightly anxious that it wouldn’t live up to the old series but the plot line was… View Post

Last year we lost a lot of great artists, Lemmy form Motorhead left us (though technically that was 2016 but I still feel that is what set off the catalyst for 2017), then David Bowie and then it was like they all said fuck this crazy stupid world and up and left. Although death is inevitable and it wasn’t really… View Post

It’s been nearly three years since I quit my safe and stable but totally toxic job. 13 years of dedicated service and all I got was a gift basket and a don’t forget to connect on linked in!! I sort of had a plan when I left, I was going to get a part-time job and then practice my craft… View Post

You know by know how much I love Twin Peaks and am very excited for the new series to the point I’m considering getting a another streaming subscription just so I can watch it on Sky Atlantic when it starts in May. Too much you say? Probably but I don’t care, plus I’d have to do some serious muting on… View Post

What with all the switches and changes I’ve been making, I had a little think about what I really wanted to write about on here. Now I’ve combined both blogs and have a little look through some old posts, I want to get back to writing about the things I like so that most making clothes and music but I… View Post