Summer Of Selfish Sewing

selfish sew

Does that sound bad? Probably but learning to be a bit selfish is not always a bad thing, in fact sometimes it is necessary but this isn’t a psychology post so let’s move on!

At the beginning of the year I set myself some challenges and then I got a bit overwhelmed because work too over, the last few months I’ve been busily trying to fill up my vintage shop and run down old handmade stock so that I can start work on my new shop which is concentrating on making stuff that is more me and less generic run of the mill goods which I feel that I’ve been making, we’re calling those the practice years. So this means I haven’t really had much time to do any sewing or making of anything and that’s why I joined the vintage pledge to help me get back into sewing.

I managed to squeeze in a custom order for someone I know but I was so under pressure that I made a decision not to take on any custom orders until I feel that I can properly dedicate time to it. Also I need to gain more confidence and practice in my knitting skills.

But I digress, just because I haven’t had time to sew doesn’t mean I haven’t had time to buy fabric, in fact a buying ban is now in effect, though I did preorder some lush and very expensive fabric from the Outback Wife collection which has been pushed back until June so I still have a bit of time to sew something and make space for that.

But yes a buying ban is in effect until after our holiday (at least) and I’m going on a stash diet because look at this work room!!!! And this is the ‘tidy’ corner!!!

craft room

This is a combination of work and personal supplies, the wicker shelves house most of my art supplies and I really should retitle this post the Summer of Selfish Sewing and Making Art because I’ve been promising myself far too long that I will start making art again. Some of he tubs contain work supplies and once I’ve finished the bulk of Etsy listing (because lets’ face it, it never really ends) I’m going to decide what to actually make with them! The great big spring clean has been extended to a summer clear out as I’ve decided to stop being that lazy person who sends stuff either to the charity shop or recycling centre and try to sell some of it first and if that doesn’t work, recycle somehow in my projects before sending it to the recycle centre!

To be honest using up my stash is a rolling project, every year I’m like I’m gonna clear all this out before buying anything and I get part way through and replace it with twice the amount of stuff, hence why we are now at critical mass and literally have no more room. So summer project is to sew myself that wardrobe I keep saying I’m going to sew and then putting it off for whatever reason.

I’m taking my time on the new business, I want my designs to be me and so I need time to work on these and produce work that I’m happy with. I also need to reduce my workload currently as I’m reminded that I am just one person running a business and forget that you have to take on all the roles of a business and not just the ones you like and then pass off the rest to an assistant which would be awesome right now but obviously unrealistic! But I need to find more time for personal time, so am keeping weekend work free because you have to set boundaries.

So I will report back at the end of summer and see if by some small miracle I managed to exercise some restraint and not buy any more fabric or yarn and also got my butt into gear and made something! Though I definitely will because I need to make some clothes for our holiday.

You Were Swell!

Yes you were and so was the parcel from You Were Swell which totally lived up to it’s name. You Were Swell is run by Sophie McMahan and I have had my eye on some of her comics for a while now. The only thing putting me off was the shipping but I emailed her told her what I wanted to buy and asked if she did combined shipping. Her response was not only quick but super friendly and to cut a long story short, it’s always good to ask because I got a combined shipping which saved me a fair whack of change.

Who doesn’t love DIY envelopes with Vampira and Swamp Thing stampage!
One of the things I love about independent sellers is the care and thought they put into their packages, hand written thank you notes are the best!
Totally loving these comics.
I bought this t-shirt not only for the vintage vibe but also as inspiration to stop wearing my hair the same and to achieve some serious hair goals.
This isn’t a product review more of a hey look what I bought post. I’ve come across so many cool artists in the last few years whose stuff I want to collect, especially zines and comics, plus support indy artists, adorn your walls with cool stuff and wear clothes that reflects your personality rather than the generic bullshit you get in high street and chain shops. Anyway, she has loads of other cool stuff in her shop that you should check out.

Girl Glue #2

Thanks to the world of the tinternets, you are able to discover so much goodness all over the globe. Twitter, Instagram and Etsy are just a few places that artists and creators are able to showcase their work and get a global fan base. Over the last few years and especially the last few months even I discovered some artists and creators whose stuff I’ve been coveting and promised myself that instead of lusting, I would actually treat myself to something every now and again when my purse is not so bare!
This month Mel Stringer who is based in Brisbane, Australia had a birthday promo code, so I couldn’t really say no to a rather generous discount off my order, so I ordered some zines which I had my peepers on. I ordered Girl Glue #2 and the Heart Pop Pin Pack. As it was coming from Australia, I had to wait a little while for my package to arrive but it did on Monday which is the only way to start the week and that is a with a present to yourself! I was also pleasantly surprised to find some extras included in my order!
My order included a copy of Girl Glue #2 and a pin and a heart pop pack which came with a lollipop and randomly chosen pin, it also came with a bonus ‘You are Cute’ poster and a sticker and a lovely hand written thank you note.
Girl Glue is a zine that is filled with contributions by other female creatives and artists, I wish I had discovered this when there was issue 1 but cannot wait to see issue 3 as I love discovering new (to me) artists and creatives.

Cover art by Wishcandy and Hellen Jo

Each Heart Pop zine has a different order of pages but all filled with beautiful doodles and art by Mel.

I’m also a sucker for cute packaging details.

My poster is now up on the wall in my studio

Mel’s shop is currently closed until the 22 June where she will be launching some new ranges, sneaky peeks have already been shown on instagram and I can’t wait to see what she in store. I’m also going to be checking out some of the other artists and creatives, I’ve already had my eye on some Wishcandy art for a while, the print I wanted has sold out, kinda hoping she brings it back but if not there are plenty of others to choose from.
Instagram: MelStringer
Etsy Shop: Girlie Pains
Disclaimer: All products have been purchased by myself, for myself and I have not been asked to review or promote these products.

The Stay Home Club!

I came across the Stay Home Club on Instagram, I think it was regrammed into my line but I started following them immediately because I loved their stuff. Simple yet quirky and appealed to my hermit like nature I’ve adopted recently in becoming self employed and working from home. I’ve been eyeing up their stuff on line and was deciding what to buy when I they posted they would be doing a pop up shop in Hackney last weekend, I knew I would be popping by for a visit. They had a little drama where by the stock they sent in way advance by post got stuck in customs over here, they put in a back up plan but thankfully it arrived (just) before the shop opened. Stay Home Club is run by Olivia Mew out ofย  Montreal, Canada since 2012. She also collaborates with other other artists to bring designs to the shop.

I picked up a t-shirt, a tote bag, some iron on patches and pin and also got some freebie stickers as an extra.

I was really happy I got the Stay Home Club Scoop Neck Tee in black. This originally came in white only but I’m not overly fond of white t-shirts so when it was recently introduced in black this was the one. It has a lovely soft worn in feel with a slightly loose fit and I will probably be wearing this a lot it’s so comfy. There was a small mistake on the sleeve but I unpicked it to even out the material and then sewed it back up but it was no biggy and easy to fix.

I had a hard time choosing between the tote bags. I almost got the Emotional Baggage one but I liked the Gold and black colourway of this bag, plus it’s a jumbo tote which means I can fit more of my crap into into it.
I got two patches, the Far From Home, Born to Roam and The Too Bad, So Sad and a superstitious Eye pin.. Haven’t decided what to put them on yet. The Far From Home badge and the superstitious eye pin are by Explorers Press, their stuff is also super cool and I’m having a hard time choosing what I’m gonna buy next from them.
(Sincere apologies for the different sized photos, I’m still learning how to edit and resize, as you can see, this still needs some work!!!)
Disclaimer: All products have been purchased by myself, for myself and I have not been asked to review or promote these products.