‘This Is My Art, and It’s Dangerous!’


I will live with you in the hellhole but I must express myself!

Delia Deetz

We all wanted to be Lydia, cool and quirky in her oversized hat but deep down I’ve always know I’m Delia, slightly unhinged and my art will probably kill me, not physically like Delia’s almost did but the agony over what to create probably will. I more like Delia than I care to admit but I’m learning to embrace my inner Delia and my flakiness, and having recently purchased a pair of black pleather opera gloves, may start wearing just one as an homage. I’ve been saying for a while I want to get back into art, when I think about it I’ve always wanted to be an artist but never really taken it seriously because of whatever reason – lack of confidence, distracting life crap, the need to pay rent, bills and eat, the fear that it’s too late? (FYI it’s never too late as long as you’re still breathing!)

I figured when I became self-employed it would be sooner rather than later but everything has its course I guess. That said it hasn’t stopped me stock piling art supplies. Over the years I’ve dabbled, I used to draw when I was young, even got an A in my GCSE. I probably should have taken it further but decided against it for whatever reason and ended up breaking my promise to my teen self about never getting a boring office job which I ended up in for 13 years. I managed to take some art classes in between but never really pursued due to poor time management and perpetually being distracted by something else.

I know what’s holding me back and it’s not just lack of patience and rehoning my skills, it’s the fear of not being original and not having my own style. You might have read in previous posts, I’ve always struggled to find my niche or brand because I just don’t know and I constantly suffer from imposter syndrome. I know that I want to start painting again, I know that I like photography, I know that I just have to let go and get on with it, so I am. I know that the projects I want to do will take time, research and practice, and what with me deciding to quit one business to make room for the other, now is the time to get over myself and get on with it! Today is that day to let go of the fear, you only really fail if you don’t at least try. I’ve also ran out of excuses.


Aesthetically, Of Course!


Okay so it’s time to get this blog back on track, I’ve been writing a lot of opinion pieces lately because well I, like everyone else have a lot of opinions on everything but I really don’t want this to become a ranty blog, though from time to time I will probably blog about other stuff other than creativity and style.


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the direction I want to take my work, what I want to do and want I want to sew for my own personal wardrobe, so I’ve been delving into my pinterest boards to try to get some inspiration and a theme together. I came a cross a quote that said ‘Live like you’re a character in a Wes Anderson Film, (Aesthetically, of Course)’ and it got me thinking even more (I know my poor tiny brain) about living authentically, being inspired and copycatting etc.


In a world where all the ideas have been done over and over again, it is one thing to be inspired and another to go and rip something off. The biggest hurdle I need to get over when designing and creating is my fear of ripping off someone else’s work, so for instance I’m into embroidery at the moment and I followed lots of embroidery accounts, only to unfollow them because I’m worried that their designs might end up influencing me too much and it just ends up feeling like I’m a fraud but what about life imitating art, aesthetically of course?


For me it’s mostly about colour palettes. I love colours and mixing and matching colours, how they compliment and contrast each other which brings me back to Wes Anderson films. Films inspire me a lot, maybe it’s partly because I want to fall into these worlds that have been created, or I feel drawn to the characters for whatever reasons, or maybe it’s just the beautiful sets and costumes that admire. I have sat through some rubbish films just because they were pretty to look at (I’m specifically referring to Jennifer Lopez’s The Cell, beautiful sets and costumes). When looking for inspiration in my own style as to clothing I often find myself wondering what my favourite characters wear, and if I like them purely for their style or not. I currently feel like I’m in a style rut, maybe not rut a change over of some kind. I used to dress for a purpose and I’ve had some pretty distinct styles over the years but lately I feel a shift, and not just in my style of dress but maybe in all aspects; clothes, work, design etc. I’ve always been pretty eclectic in my tastes and probably in six months when the seasons have changed I’ll be delving into a different aspect of my style.


It’s not hard for me to understand why I love Anderson’s work so much, the colour palettes, the symmetry, the attention to detail is pretty much to my exact taste, it wouldn’t be out of character of me to decide to make a wardrobe completely styled on Anderson’s films or steal aspects of style from certain characters. Although I have not seen all his films (I still have Bottle Rocket and Rushmore to watch) I definitely stocked up on faux furs thanks to Margot Tenenbaum, and I really want to make a Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom inspired coat (though I know someone has already done this!) There are plenty of design posts already dedicated to decorating your home in the style of a WA film and scenes broken down into colour palettes so yes aesthetically I am drawn to his films, either that or it’s my unrelenting crush on Tilda Swinton (just maybe not Madame D.)

Wes Anderson // Centered from kogonada on Vimeo.


Still Life Sunday

mushroom ss1

I don’t have a definitive set of resolutions or goals this year but I definitely decided that there should be less saying I’m going to do something and actually just do it instead. So last weekend I decided to stop whining about having no space to do anything and purged my workroom of stock and other stuff. The rule was if it doesn’t fit on any of the shelves it goes. I moved the furniture around a bit, decided what stayed and what went and by Sunday afternoon I have my creative space back to sew and do other creative stuff.

mushroom ss3

On Tuesday I met up with a twitter friend in real life, something else I promised myself I would do and that is to get over my awkward self and try to be a bit more social, especially with other creatives that work from home or are freelance. It was a lovely day, we wandered through Borough market and I can across a not so cheap tray of mushroom that were very Instagram worthy, which most people were doing. I decided to think about it but we ended up passing it again, so I bought them because I thought of a photo still life I wanted to do, so i bought the tray of fancy fungi.

mushroom ss10

One thing I keep saying I’m going to do every year is to paint but with the vintage side business taking over last year because it was just easier with the way things happened to be last year, things started to creep out and take over the flat, so I purged most of it on eBay and if it doesn’t fit into the designated box then no more buying until it can. But who know how the year will pan out, this year is already very different from last year but that could also be because I’m in a very different mindset.

mushroom ss9

Lack of space can stifle creativity. Always moving things around, can’t find what you need, not only did the purge clear out space, it cleared out my mind and finally let the creativity start to flow again. I’ll be talking about my sewing plans in my next post but today art. So I have a lot to learn in regards to photography, how to use my camera properly and also level up my editing skills from basic to I actually know what I’m doing! As much as i love photography I don’t want to be a photographer per say but I need to be able to take better photos for my work and stuff but I also have decided to use it as a starting point for my painting which after a several years of not doing any is going to require a lot of practice. I’ve been following a few accounts on Instagram for inspiration and also how tos when setting up still life studies, so on Wednesday I used my fancy fungi to create a still life scene and use the shots for a painting at some point (like I said i really need some practice first!)

mushroom ss7

So here is my first attempt at a building a still life, to be honest I did it rather quickly because it was so grey and rainy in the morning I wasn’t sure there would be enough light but then the sun came out in the afternoon but as it’s still January days are still short, so I just went with it. Halfway through I decided to go and forage in the garden and add a few extra bits which I preferred, i think these will make a good starting point for a painted still life.

mushroom ss13

mushroom ss4

mushroom ss12

mushroom ss11

mushroom ss8

mushroom ss6

mushroom ss5

mushroom ss14

Please do not reproduce or reuse these pictures without permission, thank you.

Aesthetic and Inspiration

Every year there is a new round of buzzwords or phrases that come into play, this year a word I’ve noticed being used a lot is aesthetic. This is not a criticism, in fact the opposite. Usually I have buzzwords, they get overused and applied to everything including when they shouldn’t be but then there are some words that I just love the sound of and aesthetic is one.
It is defined as follows
adjective: aesthetic; adjective: esthetic
  1. 1.
    concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.


    “the pictures give great aesthetic pleasure”
noun: aesthetic; plural noun: aesthetics; noun: esthetic; plural noun: esthetics
  1. 1.
    a set of principles underlying the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.


    “the Cubist aesthetic”
So you can imagine that many creatives can relate to this word.
I’m not one really for trends, if something happens to trend and I’m into so it then so be it. I get recommended a lot of boards on Pinterest titled ‘my aesthetic’ and that’s good because I like to see how people define their own take on it where as I always feel that I struggle to define my own aesthetic when it comes to my work and in general and it’s something I want to work on. I know what I find beautiful and not but it’s a subjective matter and each to their own and all that.
However when it comes to my own work or social media I don’t find my work that pleasing or beautiful, I think it’s quite messy and lacklustre. My actual physical work I’m happy with, I wouldn’t sell it otherwise but my presentation sucks and most days I kinda just want to delete my Instagram and start over again but then I think am succumbing to pressure. I just want my work to look good because at the end of the day it’s kinda important in selling my work, am I right???
Anyhoo, moving on, one thing I do use as a resource for inspiration a lot is independent magazines, there are so many out there, I find it hard to choose sometimes but lately I’ve found myself heading to the Tate Modern shop to stock up on latest issues that catch my eye.
So I’ve picked out a few of my favourite latest finds to share with you.



So this is a new one to me but I thought I start with it for obvious reasons! It is an art and culture magazine so a wonderful source of inspiration and discovering new to me artists, photographers, designers etc. There are some wonderful articles but mainly I can’t stop looking at the pictures and it’s giving me a good idea on how I would like to present my photos whether it be for my blog or my shop.



I’ve always been a feminist but right now it seems even more important that I stand by this conviction and also that I educate and immerse myself more in this. Feminism is seen as dirty word and it means different things to different people, so I’m trying to get as many different perspectives as possible to understand how other people think and why. This is definitely a NSFW publication but I love the layout, it’s a little anarchic but definitely draws you in.



Okay this is an issue I picked up on a previous run to the Tate Modern shop but I got this because it’s about one of my favourite places in the world Vancouver Island.



Another new to me magazine, I just the love the bold and basic cover of this, it definitely leapt off the shelf. It’s full of interviews and articles that I can’t wait to get stuck into.



Loadstars is definitely one of my favourites that I included the last issue a bought which was on Sweden. You know how in the A-ha video where the girl gets pulled into the poster by Morten Harket? Yeah well I kinda wish I could dive into this magazine, it’s just to gorgeous it hurts! I mean look at those covers for a start and it’s just the same on the inside. This magazine gives me serious style envy.
Everyone is always talking that you need a theme for your Instagram, I don;t necessarily know about wanting a theme but I definitely would like it to a little less messy and a little bit prettier. I am not the world’s best photographer, I have pictures I take that I really like, mostly on my personal Instagram but it’s kinda hard to fuck up a nature picture when the sun is being boss that day! But my work I usually end up taking late at night under crappy lighting and now that I’ve set myself this 365days of stitching project I was hoping this would help improve my photography/composition skills a little, starting smack bang before Christmas was probably not the wisest of choices but at least I still have time to improve. I just think a little sit down and planning is in order and a hell of lot of practice.

Disclaimer: This is not a review, all products were purchased with my own funds for personal use.