About Me



My name is Natasha and welcome to my blog, you may know me as Natasha de Vil but I’ve been making some life and business changes and it just feels right to use my own name now.

I have been blogging since 2009 starting off with a blog called The Crafty Ms De Vil that was about craft projects and vintage lifestyle but this has now been retired. I have had various blogging homes over the years including Somewhere in the Metropolis, Disco Barbarian and Natasha de Vil.

I’ve been making and creating for as long as I can remember (over thirty years) but my main passion has been sewing since I bought myself a sewing machine back in my early twenties when I got sick and tired of buying ill-fitting clothes, and ever-changing fashion trends. I also have a passion for vintage clothing and haute couture.

I am currently working on creating my dream wardrobe filled with handmade, vintage and second-hand clothes. Style is ever evolving and on this blog I want to explore that, and being more mindful with it comes to clothes whether it be making or buying them. And also applying this ethos to other aspects of my life including work etc.

I also love music and frequently go to gigs and festivals, and can often be seen rifling through the vinyl bins in charity shops. I’m also a sucker for limited edition coloured vinyl! Most of my outfit posts are named after songs! Other loves includes books, 90s TV especially Twin Peaks and The X Files, starting but never finishing short stories and gardening! All of which at some point will be written about on here.

I currently run a small business on Etsy selling vintage and am in the process of setting up a second store to sell embroidered and art based items. I live in London with my husband and our two cats.