Craft Supplies for Sale


Just a quick update on the craft supplies clear out. Turns out I have way more stuff than I remembered, after sorting out and grading stuff I have decided to put a bunch of stuff as job lots on Ebay! So they are uber cheap, perfect for anyone starting out in crafting or starting a small creative business who needs cheap supplies to practice or work with etc. Auctions end Tuesday 12th!

I have temporarily reopened my old Etsy shop to clear out fabrics, patterns and some of the better condition craft supplies. I’ll be adding some more next week as I count up, package, photograph and list. I’ll keep this shop open for as long as because at some point I will just need to move on completely, so I can focus on my next chapter/work phase.


For what is currently my main shop, I am still making things, there will be fewer ranges than planned at the moment and I’m basically working with what supplies I have decided to keep for this and see how it goes. Updates will be less often as I’m planning on spending a lot more time on my artwork, which we all know takes time and patience.

I’m thinking about re-opening my depop to sell off some personal pieces because I’m not sure where else to sell off old clothes and jewellery. eBay just seems to be full of people who want stuff for nothing. I mean I know money is tight but I still gotta make some money whilst business is lean! Any suggestions for selling sites alternative to ebay are welcome.

Obviously being a ‘one-man band’ operation, things take a little longer than I always anticipate, like having to wait for semi decent light day to photograph stuff. Why is when you want to photograph stock the sun always goes into hiding? Anyway thank you as always for your patience and support.