Craft Supply Clear Out


Hello friends,

It’s been a while since I did an update as I’m slowly shifting this over to my main work website but these things take time. I’ve swapped the old blog which has now gone for a news/update section about work and projects. My intentions still stand to add a portfolio and possibly a shop but that’s a few good months away at the moment whilst I work away in the background setting things up.

As some of you know I’m shifting directions creatively and I’m finally taking the plunge and getting back to painting and writing, which means I need to make space time wise and physically to be able to do so. As much as I love making stuff, I don’t have time to do everything, I can as they say do anything but not everything. So I’m scaling back and focusing on old areas of interest that I never had time to before.

As I come up to my fourth year of being self-employed, this year so far has been a lot about change and refocus. It’s totally okay to change the direction of your work anytime you want to, experiment with the new ideas and do something completely different that you originally intended. I’ve been clearing out a lot of stuff over the last few months to keep the flat nice and tidy and now it’s time to tackle my work space. I have thanks to a number of brainwaves and generous donations from other crafters, accumulated a lot of craft supplies that I no longer really need or want. I’ve sent a fair few bits over the year to the charity shop but the good stuff I kept. However, I need to make space so that I can paint and do the other art and photography projects I want to do, so I’m temporarily reopening my old Etsy store to sell these off as I’ve literally run out of storage space.

There will be a fair old mix of things, mostly fabric and haberdashery supplies. I’ll also be throwing in some hair accessories items, sewing patterns, wool and various other bits I no longer need. So keep an eye as I’ll be adding things over the next week or so once I measured and photographed. But will announce once that’s done. I will still be using my other Etsy shop for the time being to sell off some handmade bits and pieces but there are no plans for any seasonal collections at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by