Aesthetically, Of Course!


Okay so it’s time to get this blog back on track, I’ve been writing a lot of opinion pieces lately because well I, like everyone else have a lot of opinions on everything but I really don’t want this to become a ranty blog, though from time to time I will probably blog about other stuff other than creativity and style.


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the direction I want to take my work, what I want to do and want I want to sew for my own personal wardrobe, so I’ve been delving into my pinterest boards to try to get some inspiration and a theme together. I came a cross a quote that said ‘Live like you’re a character in a Wes Anderson Film, (Aesthetically, of Course)’ and it got me thinking even more (I know my poor tiny brain) about living authentically, being inspired and copycatting etc.


In a world where all the ideas have been done over and over again, it is one thing to be inspired and another to go and rip something off. The biggest hurdle I need to get over when designing and creating is my fear of ripping off someone else’s work, so for instance I’m into embroidery at the moment and I followed lots of embroidery accounts, only to unfollow them because I’m worried that their designs might end up influencing me too much and it just ends up feeling like I’m a fraud but what about life imitating art, aesthetically of course?


For me it’s mostly about colour palettes. I love colours and mixing and matching colours, how they compliment and contrast each other which brings me back to Wes Anderson films. Films inspire me a lot, maybe it’s partly because I want to fall into these worlds that have been created, or I feel drawn to the characters for whatever reasons, or maybe it’s just the beautiful sets and costumes that admire. I have sat through some rubbish films just because they were pretty to look at (I’m specifically referring to Jennifer Lopez’s The Cell, beautiful sets and costumes). When looking for inspiration in my own style as to clothing I often find myself wondering what my favourite characters wear, and if I like them purely for their style or not. I currently feel like I’m in a style rut, maybe not rut a change over of some kind. I used to dress for a purpose and I’ve had some pretty distinct styles over the years but lately I feel a shift, and not just in my style of dress but maybe in all aspects; clothes, work, design etc. I’ve always been pretty eclectic in my tastes and probably in six months when the seasons have changed I’ll be delving into a different aspect of my style.


It’s not hard for me to understand why I love Anderson’s work so much, the colour palettes, the symmetry, the attention to detail is pretty much to my exact taste, it wouldn’t be out of character of me to decide to make a wardrobe completely styled on Anderson’s films or steal aspects of style from certain characters. Although I have not seen all his films (I still have Bottle Rocket and Rushmore to watch) I definitely stocked up on faux furs thanks to Margot Tenenbaum, and I really want to make a Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom inspired coat (though I know someone has already done this!) There are plenty of design posts already dedicated to decorating your home in the style of a WA film and scenes broken down into colour palettes so yes aesthetically I am drawn to his films, either that or it’s my unrelenting crush on Tilda Swinton (just maybe not Madame D.)

Wes Anderson // Centered from kogonada on Vimeo.