Space to Think


I lied, the last post wasn’t the last post of me rambling about spring cleaning and purging everything to make space because it has become apparent that this clear out may just be an ongoing project as it spreads to various other parts of my life and work. I mentioned in my last post that I need actual physical space to be creative, not just so that I can actually do stuff but also so I can think and see clearly. Sometimes envisioning space is not enough you actually need that physical space, maybe this is why people go out into the desert to go and find themselves!

I like blogging even if I’m not too fond of the direction that blogging seems to have gone in over the last few years and the overtly snobbish and competitive nature it appears to have adopted by some. It’s turned into a numbers game and the stream of impersonal sponsored posts means I have lost interest in seeking out new blogs. And I know this is one of the many reasons my blog doesn’t get any traction. It is weighed down with clutter and rambling nonsense, it’s a place to clear my chaotic head, being authentic with no direction is no better/worse than regurgitated sponsored crap, if it’s boring. In a world of experts and how to win at social media the rebel in me says I’ll do whatever I like, however the persnickety perfectionist in me also means I am never happy with the way my work or posts looks! And the competitive side of me is even worse! At the end of the day we should be able to post to Instagram and our blogs what we feel like without fear of being judged as not good enough but the algorithm usually reminds us that it’s not about being good it’s about numbers.

I have a vague gist of what direction I want to take my work and writing. The urge to wipe everything clean and start again is overwhelming but that is not the answer. To wipe everything clean is social media suicide, to try to build everything from scratch takes three times as long and it’s so much harder to juggle more than one account these days, I say hard what I probably mean is tiresome and time-consuming. So I’m stripping everything back to the bare bones and taking it from there. With work I am going back to one shop, the vintage side was great but I am one person and there are just not enough hours in the day to everything I would like so I choose. I choose to get rid of the vintage side of things because I like creating more. Blogging is a little different, I want this site to represent me in the now and the way I am heading but the clutter is attracting the wrong audience, people are not sticking around to read because let’s be honest there is much worth reading or it gets lost in the clutter or random posts.

So I cleared them out, all the non related posts in regards to what I want to write about and that is making my own clothes, style and slow fashion/living. I won’t pretend to be an expert or authoritative figure on anything because I’m not but I don’t want anyone being pulled to my blog under false pretences either. So I stripped it back to the bare bones. I’ve been blogging since 2009, some of the very early work was lost long ago but it’s no big deal. Some people like having a backlog to show how they’ve improved or how long they’ve been doing something but these are minor in the grand scheme of things, well to me anyway. Yes people change, our styles develop but hanging onto irrelevant posts can be baggage that weighs you down and the more I post the worse my blog seems to do, so yes I downloaded first and then I discarded the unneeded layers. Sounds harsh but I feel better and can start writing again with focus and direction.

I’m still fine tuning and reorganising things on here. I might even move some of the posts that no longer fit in here over to Medium, not sure yet, there are more important things to do first. I constantly have to remind myself that it’s okay to be 40 and still figuring shit out, rarely does anyone get it right first try, everything requires practice, practice practice, I may trailing behind but I won’t give up the race just yet!