Creating Space


There is a proverb

‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’

which basically means a person who does not settle in one place will not accumulate wealth, status, responsibilities or commitments. They also won’t end up a likely candidate for hoarders anonymous! I may not have wealth or status but I do have commitments and responsibilities, and although this is not our permanent home I do appear to have accumulated a lot of stuff.

When I started clearing out stuff last year I thought it would be a quick and easy job and in the beginning it was but as the months progressed I began questioning why things weren’t looking any less cluttered. Storing your work stuff at home doesn’t help, nor does a lack of decent storage space, there is only so much you can do in a rented property as well. The thought of moving (which we will have to do at some point) has me thinking from time to time how much stuff do we really need right now? Having moved quite a few times in my life, I’m no longer at the point where I can fit my life into the back of a little van, one driver turned up and said that my stuff wouldn’t fit in the back of the van. I told him not too worry, filled the van with room to spare. I was always pretty good at Tetris! Having lived in small spaces, I’ve become accustomed to being inventive with packing and storing but it gets to the point when you can’t be bothered to keep rifling through boxes to find things you need and ultimately forget that you have them.

There is nothing wrong with having nice things, as long as you can enjoy those nice things. Recently I’ve made some business decisions and that is to concentrate back on being more creative but I realise that I really don’t have the time to manage two businesses. One always ultimately ends up taking over and the other gets neglected, and when I’m not able to give my full attention to something I feel bad when it ultimately struggles and becomes a burden through no fault of its own. But being a one person operation has its limitations, you can do anything just not everything! So I’ve decided to let the vintage side things wind down and run its course. As much as I’ve had problems on eBay, it’s still a good way to get rid of things and I’m being way stricter with postage and less tolerant of daft questions and requests. I miss making things and when I’m not creating it does get to me and get frustrated that I don’t have time to create, so I’m making time by letting things go and also claiming back physical space so I have room to create. Physical space is quite important to me when it comes to creating! My creative space became so cluttered I literally got sick of not being able to find things or knocking stuff over, it actually just stifles your creativity.

I recently cleared out my work room and had the rule that if it did not fit on a shelf or in a box that sat on the top of the shelves, it had to go. It worked, so I’m sort of applying that whole ethic to the rest of the flat. I can get overly sentimental about things and hold onto them for the smallest of reasons but I also like things to have a purpose and sitting in a box forgotten means they are no longer serving a purpose, and I feel they should go to a home where they will. So this is the last time I will bore you with my eternal clear out updates. It’s always going to be a work in progress and when we do finally find a place to settle and take root, I will be taking an approach to invest more in what I/we buy for home but until then on with the purge!