Still Life Sunday

mushroom ss1

I don’t have a definitive set of resolutions or goals this year but I definitely decided that there should be less saying I’m going to do something and actually just do it instead. So last weekend I decided to stop whining about having no space to do anything and purged my workroom of stock and other stuff. The rule was if it doesn’t fit on any of the shelves it goes. I moved the furniture around a bit, decided what stayed and what went and by Sunday afternoon I have my creative space back to sew and do other creative stuff.

mushroom ss3

On Tuesday I met up with a twitter friend in real life, something else I promised myself I would do and that is to get over my awkward self and try to be a bit more social, especially with other creatives that work from home or are freelance. It was a lovely day, we wandered through Borough market and I can across a not so cheap tray of mushroom that were very Instagram worthy, which most people were doing. I decided to think about it but we ended up passing it again, so I bought them because I thought of a photo still life I wanted to do, so i bought the tray of fancy fungi.

mushroom ss10

One thing I keep saying I’m going to do every year is to paint but with the vintage side business taking over last year because it was just easier with the way things happened to be last year, things started to creep out and take over the flat, so I purged most of it on eBay and if it doesn’t fit into the designated box then no more buying until it can. But who know how the year will pan out, this year is already very different from last year but that could also be because I’m in a very different mindset.

mushroom ss9

Lack of space can stifle creativity. Always moving things around, can’t find what you need, not only did the purge clear out space, it cleared out my mind and finally let the creativity start to flow again. I’ll be talking about my sewing plans in my next post but today art. So I have a lot to learn in regards to photography, how to use my camera properly and also level up my editing skills from basic to I actually know what I’m doing! As much as i love photography I don’t want to be a photographer per say but I need to be able to take better photos for my work and stuff but I also have decided to use it as a starting point for my painting which after a several years of not doing any is going to require a lot of practice. I’ve been following a few accounts on Instagram for inspiration and also how tos when setting up still life studies, so on Wednesday I used my fancy fungi to create a still life scene and use the shots for a painting at some point (like I said i really need some practice first!)

mushroom ss7

So here is my first attempt at a building a still life, to be honest I did it rather quickly because it was so grey and rainy in the morning I wasn’t sure there would be enough light but then the sun came out in the afternoon but as it’s still January days are still short, so I just went with it. Halfway through I decided to go and forage in the garden and add a few extra bits which I preferred, i think these will make a good starting point for a painted still life.

mushroom ss13

mushroom ss4

mushroom ss12

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    1. Thank you Erin. Her instagram definitely is, I’m just worried I might look like I’m just ripping her off! But I agree it’s a great way to experiment and through that i will hopefully find my own style!