American Valhalla!

iggy pop lust for life

Not so long ago a missed out on a limited edition bundle of Iggy Pop records on coloured vinyl but I decided to get the same bundle on ordinary black vinyl when that was released on preorder because why not. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s pressed on red or black vinyl at the end of the day, even though I have to say it’s quite pretty watching coloured vinyl spin around, but it is mostly about filling the gaps and building a decent music collection.

iggy pop the idiot

I’ve always liked Iggy Pop and although a little young at the time to appreciate his older stuff, Post Pop Depression for me was a great album and not just because Josh Homme was involved. Obviously I’m educated in the classics, though I have found out recently that he released an album consisting of French cover songs.

iggy pop live 77

My music posts aren’t really about how great a pressing is, or the quality of the sound or even whether it is limited edition or not, I think it’s more about my own personal journey with music and how it influences me and that it is okay to like what you like for no reason other that you do. Though I do like collection albums that are related to the year I was born in, so this 1977 live fits in well with that.

Iggy pop bag

iggy pop bag 2

I get that most people will probably find my music posts a bit pointless and boring but I have a double-sided Iggy Pop tote bag to carry all my ‘I don’t give a fucks’ in!

On a different but connected note, the other week I found out that Josh Homme was doing a Q&A before the showing of a new documentary he is involved in about the making of Post Pop Depression. I snapped up two of the last remaining tickets and despite feeling crappy tootled along.

american valhalla q&A

As I said I really liked Post Pop Depression as an album, I know some didn’t or were sceptical because it didn’t sound like classic Iggy but it’s always interesting so see how an album is put together, especially a one-off project. The though process in choosing band members, who’s writing the lyrics, how musicians work together, and the stories behind the songs and the album title.

The documentary is directed by Homme and Andreas Nuemann and charts the times through the conception of the idea through to tour that followed the album. I managed to see Pop at the Royal Albert Hall last year and he was phenomenal, he is a show man and he love being there every bit as much as we did.

The Q&A itself was interesting  and informative. Even the drunk dude who turned up late, put on his sunglasses in a dim-lit theatre and proceeded to strut straight into a pillar before professing his love to Josh and bestowing him a gift, didn’t distract too much from the proceedings.

If you can, check out the documentary. You can find out more here at the site.