Music Monday: House of Pain

Fine Malt Lyrics
Yes I’ve had this copy for approx 20 odd years!

The other week we went to see House of Pain at the Forum, unfortunately Danny Boy couldn’t make it, it was hot so we skipped the support bands and turn up just to see the main act.

One of my friends was surprised that they had three albums, it will not surprise you that I have all three albums, on vinyl from when I used to collect before and it went out of fashion and everything went to CD, then digital but yeah I was a fan of House of Pain.


I’ve seen Everlast perform a couple of times as a solo artist but I never got to see House of Pain, I saw Cypress Hill probably because I was complete stoner back then and had a major crush on DJ Muggs.


It will not surprise you the gig was pretty much full of middle age white men drunkenly jumping around to er well Jump Around whilst the support act kept invading the stage to repeat his name over and over age so no one would forget who he was. The problem with these type of reunion/anniversary gigs is no one ever goes for the support act, they go for the nostalgia and momentary reliving of youth. Don’t get me wrong there were die-hard fans there that new ever beat and lyric but for most it seems like a trip down memory lane.

house of pain
Obligatory rubbish phone photo from the back of the venue!

So was it the gig I expected, well in honesty yes but that’s not to say it was and thing. It’s a shame Danny Boy wasn’t there, never did find out the reason but it was still good to hear my favourite tracks played live.