10 Favourite Movie Soundtracks

Soundtracks are one of my favourite genres of music, they can make or break a movie, sometimes the score can be iconic in its own right. I listen to movie soundtracks a lot so I decided to list my top ten favourite soundtracks.

Midnight Express

Midnight Express OST

This was one of the first movie soundtracks I ever fell in love with. I used to nick my mum’s copy and play it all the time when I was younger. It’s typical 80s synth soundtrack but I was an 80s kid so it was pretty standard film scoring at the time especially with Carpenter making movies and scores. I was pretty young when the film came out but you’re never too young to start appreciating good music. I’m quite fortunate to have parents with good musical taste and the reason I can legitimately call myself a heavy metal disco queen!


So I’m talking the 1980 Alan Parker version, I’ve not seen the remake and to be honest I’m not sure I want to. I love this film and I love the series as a kid, unfortunately for me it turns out I’m not gifted in the co-ordination department so I never did become that prima ballerina but I still love this soundtrack and play it a lot. I especially love I sing the body electric, Out Here on My Own and Hot Lunch Jam, maybe I just love Irene Cara’s voice.

Saturday Fever

Saturday Night Fever OST

Like Fame despite it being a film revolving around dancing, it dealt with some pretty gritty issues but also had a pretty amazing soundtrack. Mostly featuring the Bee Gees which I will to admit to liking, the obvious choice on this is A Fifth of Beethoven. I was gutted ages when I passed up a copy of the vinyl in a charity shop for a fiver but then I found a copy for a £1, it was a little scratchy for being stored badly but then the other week I got another copy for 99p in a local charity shop so I guess it all balances out in the end.

Pump Up the Volume

Any film soundtrack that introduces you to the work of Leonard Cohen causing you to be branding as the weird one of the family as a teenager has probably done it’s job to be honest! But seriously this is brilliant soundtrack and who hasn’t jumped around to Henry Rollins and Bad Brains version of kick out the jams!

Purple Rain

Purple Rain Ost

I still haven’t seen this film, sacrilege I know. I actually bought it on DVD to watch but still haven’t got through the never-ending pile of DVDs I need to watch but really this soundtrack needs no justification, it’s Prince that’s all you need to know and if you don;t like Prince, then we probably can;t be friends (kidding sort of)

Judgement Night

This is one of the occasions where the album is way better than the film, it’s not a bad film but it’s not great either. At the height of the whole rap/rock cross over, there are a lot of great collaborations on this like Cypress Hill and Sonic Youth, Biohazard and Onyx, Faith No More and the Boo Yaa Tribe, I still listen to this album a lot.

Lost Highway

Lost Hightway OST

Let’s see Rammstein, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, oh and Angelo Badalamenti all lend their talent to this one. This is one of my favourite Lynch movies, it probably inches ahead of the others because the soundtrack which really does makes this movie. It’s an eclectic mix which is fitting really.

This soundtrack recently got a repressing on yellow and black vinyl, so you won’t be surprised that I snapped that up for my collection.

Lost Highway yellow Vinyl

It Follows

It Follows OST

This was one of those soundtracks that I went out and bought pretty much straight after watching the movie. Someone told me that when they went to see it in the cinema the soundtrack sounded even better and I can totally believe that. Scored by Disasterpiece, a bit electronic, a bit synth, a bit 8 bit (that would be courtesy of Rich Vreeland video game soundtrack background) this soundtrack really makes the movie,  it’s atmospheric and Vreeland has done a great job in scoring the horror movie which I think is quite brilliant.

Virgin Suicides

I adore this soundtrack which is completely composed by Air, it’s one of my favourite books, so I was glad the film wasn’t a disappointment and I think their score helped that.   On a side note my copy of the CD is currently stuck in the CD draw of my midi player (yeah I’m that retro baby) but obviously I have a download so I’m too fussed. Still debating whether to get on vinyl (that would be I am getting it on vinyl but it’s not high prioroty!)


Drive OST

I like Drive, it’s visually a treat to watch, slick and stylish and you would expect from a neo noir crime flick and don’t even get me started on Christina Hendricks but let’s talk the soundtrack. I’m not a big electronica fans but the music on this good enough for me to buy it on  pretty pink vinyl and more importantly make it in the top ten of this list, just! There are number of limited edition vinyl variations of this sound track available at Invada records, although I believe this anniversary edition in neon pink has sold out.

Drive Neon Pink Vinyl

There are lots of amazing soundtracks out there I know, there were loads I wanted to include but didn’t such as the Crow, The Craft, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, Only Lovers Left Alive and pretty much anything by John Carpenter.  I have loads of singles bought just because I heard the song in a movie., I have deiscovered so much great music because I heard it in a movie, I’ve also heard a number of good songs ruined because they’ve been reworked for adverts but adverts suck anyway!

Do you have any favourite movie soundtracks?




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    1. The Crow is definitely high up on there in my list of favourites. Beetlejuice is one of my fave films ever, I never get bored of watching it.


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