Seventies Summer Style

When it comes to vintage I don’t necessarily stick to one era. I know a lot of people who prefer the 40s or 50s, others like the 60s, some only designer vintage, everyone has their likes. These days I tend to switch between decades depending on my mood and have been buying things based on likes rather than decade.

I do love the forties and fifties style and it’s what got me into vintage in the first place but the more I research the more I find I like styles from other decades. With the 60s I love the cut of their suits and for the 70s I love the laid back casual vibes. All decades are on rotation and come and go in and out of style. They say you should never relive a fashion trend twice but personally I think that’s bollocks! The 90s has come back very much in fashion and I was definitely into the whole gen-x, grunge, riot grrl movement, to be honest I still am, saying that trends have a quicker turn around time these days and if you blink you can miss them.

But I love the 70s and not just because I was born in the 70s. ’77 to be precise, yes I hit the big four O in the summer. I’m particularly fond of rock and disco, that is definitely a parental influence, having access to a good music collection from a young age is always beneficial. But recently I’ve been finding myself drawn to the fashion and style of the 70s and wanted to share some recent and not so recent finds and how I style them. I haven’t gone for a full on 70s look, more of a 70s vibe.

yellow and blue 70s dress

Okay so admittedly this is not a recent find but decided to include it anyway because you know I love a good shirt dress and bonus points for the cool geometric dot print! It’s a little loose, so I added a belt, I probably should add some more belts to my accessories range, it’s something I woefully lack in the accessories department but find a good belt vintage belt is hard especially as I can be so fussy over the most irrelevant of things.

yellow and blue geometric dress

If my memory serves me correctly, then this dress was from Beyond retro in Soho.

70s boho blouse

Next up is the cute boho embroidered blouse which I got pretty cheap in a TRAID sale. Will be perfect if spring, let alone summer decides to make an appearance this year!

70s boho blouse back

Next up is one of my San Francisco finds. I got this blouse at a giant Goodwills and chatted briefly about it here is my SF vintage haul post. I think is cost me a couple of dollars so yay to thrifty vintage finds.

70s black and pink blouse

I like this blouse as you can dress it either for a work look or pair it up with jeans or capri pants for a more casual outfit.

70s black with flowers blouse

I do love a good 70s collar.

70s floral blouse back

70s floral blouse

This shirt is a lesson in why you should try stock on! Though the advantage of being a vintage seller is that you get first dibs on any stock you find that fits!

70s western shirt

I’ve been lusting after a western shirt for a while, to the point where I bought a pattern just so i could make my own (I still will) because these bad boys can be pretty expensive.

70s western mens shirt

I found this with a bunch of other stuff on a little pre Goldfrapp gig spree at TRAID in Camden. It might be a men’s shirt but as you can see I’m not one for caring about gendered clothing. It if fits, it goes in the wardrobe.

70s western short with cacti

This wasn’t as pricey as some of the others I’ve seen knocking about, around £20 but I like it even though it’s a little snug! The joys of having slim hips means I can wear men’s jeans and shirts, though these women’s jeans I got in Gap last year in the Jan sale for £7! Currently I can only wear them standing up but hopefully they’ll be a little less restrictive before the Summer comes!

I have a few more vintage posts I’m going to do of recent finds and how I styled them, I bought some lovely dresses recently and an amazing art nouveau inspired 70s Sears blouse, so be on the look out for more style posts soon.

So before you go, let me know what your vintage styling for summer is.