10 Fave Albums From 1994

Recently BBcMusic6 did 1994 where they played nothing but songs from 1994 and only talked about films events from that year. I was 16/17 in 1994 so for me it was quite a significant year because I feel that in your teens music heavily influences, you to the gigs or clubs you go to, the tribes you hang with. Your teens a path of discovery, your likes, your dislikes, your style etc.

In 1994 you didn’t need to join a gym because you were too busy sweating it out the dance floor to Okenfield or Orbital in Ibiza or European festival, or prancing around a moshpit to grunge or metal.

As you know I’ve been looking out for gap fillers or the one’s I missed out on first time round for music collection, recently I purchased Nas Illmatic which was a breakout album at the time and released in 1994 so I decided to do my favourite albums from that year.

Illmatic – Nas

nas illmatic

So this is definitely a top contender for the best album of this year, a masterpiece in its day and has definitely stood the test of time and as been on heavy rotation these last few weeks as I’d forgotten just how good this album is.

6 foot deep – Gravediggaz

One of the many offshoots of the Wu-Tang franchise bringing you horror rap, a genre you knew you had to have in your life! Being obsessed with horror and vampires in my teens, this obviously found its way into my collection.

Tical – Method man

Another brilliant album that I listen to quite a lot, full of amazing samples and tracks.

Welcome to the Sky valley – Kyuss

I was a stoner, yes I listened to a lot of Kyuss! Not my favourite Kyuss album but still good nonetheless.

Dummy – Portishead

dummy portishead

As far as debut albums go this is a killer, Beth’s vocal range is astounding. I would say this is their best album, the beats, the lyrics and my best memory was seeing them live in a bingo hall in Butlins in Minehead.

Super Unknown – Soundgarden

I think what we probably remember most about this album is the trippy video to Black Hole Sun!

Under the Pink – Tori Amos

How many of us tried to match the pitch of Cornflake girl and failed???? Though this album always makes me want to learn to play the piano.

The Crow Soundtrack

Although this film is shrouded with sadness due to the fatal accident which resulted in the death of Brandon Lee, the soundtrack is pretty much a perfect selection for me I regards to bands and songs but I might just be being biased on this

Weight – Rollins band

Um my have watched the Liar video on loop during this year!

Ill Commincation – Beastie Boys

ill communication

I’m not really sure I have to explain why this is a good album but yeah this is one is still on heavy rotation after all the years.

Other notable mentions and in no particular order are:

Same As It Ever was – House of Pain

When you mention that HoP did three albums, pretty much everyone’s reaction is really beause all they remember is Jump Around. I was very much into their music, and Cypress Hill and Funkdoobiest, who were all also knocking out albums at that time. Although this is their second album, I definitely prefer this to the debut.

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number – Aaliyah

Another amazing debut album, I wasn’t too heavily into Rn’B but this album definitely was on my playlist a few time. She had such a sweet voice and it’s a shame her life was so short.

Troublegum – Therapy?

Therapy? have released a lot of albums, so it’s easy to forget this little gem which was their second album.

Whisky for the Holy Ghost – Mark Lanegan

I’d probably have to a whole separate post on my favourite Lanegan album which would probably never get published because I keep changing my mind over which is my favourite!

NKOTB – Face the Music

Here me out on this one, NKOTB were the last boy band i ever loved before they went their separate ways and I found grunge and metal! So obviously when they did a new album i got all nostalgic and although i never bought the album I do own the 12 inch of Dirty Dawg still!