April Round Up


Kinda gutted we didn’t go to VLV20 this year but also happy not to be travelling to the US with the current travel ban in place and Trump as so-called president! But there were plenty of other things to keep me occupied.

I did my accounts and taxes, boring I know but I like to get them out the way, future me is always thankful around January when everyone else is having a breakdown before the deadline!

I’m still stocking up the vintage shop, it appears my decision to turn it into a vintage only shop is working in my favour. April was my second best month takings wise since I opened up the shop two and half years ago. I have to say I’m a little surprised but glad some of my decisions and non-stop working are paying off. On the other hand this means I’m a little behind on blogging and starting on designing stuff for the new shop, which looks like more to be a June start because I have about 250 odd items to photograph, edit and list. So do I do it all in one fell swoop so I can properly concentrate on designing or split my week in half which I’m going to have to end up doing at some point anyway?

I’ve also been spring cleaning the flat and had a massive tidy up and clear out and am going to start filling up my Depop shop soon. In the past I’ve been a bit sentimental about my handmade clothes, that and I’m not sure they’re good enough to sell (although I have sold some in the past) but I might as well take a chance and try to sell off some of the stuff that is too big or too small, along with some other bits. My Depop username is NatashaDeVil if you fancy having a butchers at what I’ll be selling. There will be lots like out of print magazines, jewellery, make up, shoes etc from my non vintage collection. Anything vintage will go in the Etsy shop.

I actually got back into sewing this month. The real reason I stopped was continual weight gain due to food intolerances but I think I may have got a handle on that now. It now means I’m probably classed as a fussy eater but I don’t care, I need to do what’s good for me. I’m not going to go into too much because I think there is already too much talk about body standards and people need to stop policing and judging people on the size of their body. Health is important, people’s opinions on what size your body should look to be considered healthy is not!

I quit a lot of my challenges! At the time they all seemed liked good ideas for motivating me in my work and projects but work and life has a habit of taking over and I could do with out the extra pressure. So I didn’t finish the journaling course which my heart wasn’t in any way because the topic didn’t really speak to me, also I have enough of my plate with the challenges of running a business, setting up a new business and all the other life’s curve balls that keep coming our way. IΒ  have enough to keep me busy and when you can’t find time for the things you want to enjoy or all the pressure makes you sick (I ended up sick on the may day bank holiday instead of finishing sewing my dresses!), it’s probably best to cut back a little and concentrate on just a few things instead. At the end of the day the only person you are in competition with is yourself! I know I repeat myself a little in the blog or say things that have already been said by others but it always serves as a good reminder especially to myself.

There’s been a lot of talk recently from long-standing bloggers about the good old days of blogging when we weren’t ruled by DAs, GAs and other whatnot stats. It was less competitive and more community like. To be honest after 8 years I still blog like it’s 2009, I ‘ve tried to keep up but my hearts not in it enough to lose sleep over. I blog when I want to or when I have time, I blog about the stuff I want to, I will always have non clickbait blog titles, I will probably never be sponsored and have an audience of three people. I get that my blog is a bit of a mix but I only like to share the things that I truly like and I’m happy with that and it’s about finding people who you can connect with rather than sell things to. Don’t get me wrong I’d be happy to do a review of something if it’s connected with one of the topics in this blog but it would be honest but for now you’re getting posts on making clothes, vintage stuff and additions to my vinyl collection! I’d go on about the Instagram saga as well but you probably already know about that, at the end of the day I’ve always kept it honest and that’s probably why I have such a small following but at least they are people I can connect with and have something in common with.

We re-watched Twin Peaks, well I re-watched by The Goth watched through in full for the first time to catch up before the new series starts, turns out it had been so long since I last watched it I’d forgotten half of series 2! And I’ve probably decided that I will get a subscription to watch as I love the series too much to hide from spoilers for that long. Might sound a little extreme getting another TV subscription to watch a series but no different from all buying the box set or episodes off Prime or something.

Finally got to see Gutterdammrung: The Loudest Silent Movie on Earth after it had been postponed and rescheduled several times, it finally found a home at the Palladium, it was good but I think with all the waiting and feeling under the weather I was little underwhelmed. It probably didn’t help the lead singer of the band was just over the top and clichΓ©d! But Josh Home with a bazooka kinda made up for that!

And that was April, sorry for the complete rambling, turns out I had a lot more to say than I thought!

Natasha x