Twin Peaks Reissues

You know by know how much I love Twin Peaks and am very excited for the new series to the point I’m considering getting a another streaming subscription just so I can watch it on Sky Atlantic when it starts in May. Too much you say? Probably but I don’t care, plus I’d have to do some serious muting on social media to hide spoilers, plus its Twin Peaks!

Twin peaks OST

Anyway back to the point of this post which is the Vinyl reissues of Twin Peaks original score  for the series and for  Fire Walk With Me.

The original score was released last year by Death Waltz records, actually they reissued both and both come in the same style jacket with die cut out front, so you have to be careful when re-inserting the sleeve.

twin peak ost inner sleeve

The inner sleeve is a gatefold with director approved art artwork and sleeve notes By Angelo Badalamenti.

twin peaks ost coffee coloured vinyl

Vinyl was re-mastered by Tal Miller and is pressed on 180G damn fine coffee colour vinyl and you know I’m a sucker for coloured vinyl. I’m not an expert on these things but it’s a pretty good pressing.

twin peaks inner sleeve laura's eye

So naturally when they released Fire Walk With Me on cherry pie vinyl I was all over that because you need pie to go with your coffee.

twin peaks fire walk with me ost

This version comes with a bespoke black die cut sleeve.

twin peaks cherry pie coloured vinyl

Pressed on 180g cherry pie vinyl with a composer approved audio.

Twin peaks fwwm inner sleeve

The inner gatefold sleeves again comes with director approved artwork and also sleeve notes By film critic Mark Kermode

I was a little bit annoyed with whoever packed this as it was not done with the greatest of care and gatefold sleeve was crushed in the corners and one of the inner sleeves was split but the vinyl itself was fine so I guess I can put up with a few dings in the casing., maybe I’m just being precious or snobby.

If you’re a TP or Badalamenti fan then these are most definitely for you, though I’m assuming you already have them. They are still available to purchase from various outlets, mainly directly from Death Waltz Records.

Like I said before these aren’t really reviews, if you’re a collector or fan, you already know what you like and I doubt little old me is going to convince you otherwise but these are good pressings and I think good value for money!

I’m currently winging my way through a bunch of purchases I made recently as I build up my collection, I hope to get a little better with these write ups.