March Catch Up

march round up

So what happened in march? Well lots of changes for a start. As you know I’ve been working towards to making Natasha de Vil on Etsy a vintage only shop. I managed to finish most of the old stock bad and some of it loaded up. I also opened up Tasha Campbell Designs, not loaded up anything yet but if you could over and give a like that would be great. I also changed my Twitter and Instagram handles, which felt a little weird I have to say. When you’ve been known by one persona for so long I did get a little sentimental but a change that needed to happen. And then I moved the blog to here, its new home. I’ve never been too convinced by Bloggers stats analysis, then my google analytics broke and I couldn’t be bothered to fix it. I think WordPress is a little more reliable even if it is a bit depressing at times but I guess one reader is better that no readers!

I also crashed out of my #365project as I wasn’t happy with my posting pics under pressure and also poor planning on my part. Admittedly the only pressure is coming from me but in a bid to make my life simpler and basically to not fill my feed with poorly lit, grainy late night shots of this project, I changed it. I also cleared out my feed of the pictures I did not like, sounds a tad dramatic but it’s actually my work/blog feed, my personal account not too worried about but I took inspiration from Erin Venness’s post and decided to try to document my work better. I also took a small break to let me recompose my thoughts and aims on this to promote my new work.

My spring clean/clear out is going well,  all the stuff I no longer use personally is piled up and ready to be sold to raise a little cash and everything else will be recycled. I’m a little behind schedule on this but I’m finally feel like I’m getting somewhere and will start loading those up this month!

Sales went up after the dreaded Feb slump mostly stuff on sale which was good because it meant things were finally shifting and more space for me! I have set up a new shop which I haven’t started working for yet because I’ve mostly been trying to clear out and upload old handmade stock and have been a running an uber bargain sale to try to run stock down, it worked, I got rid of a lot of stuff, albeit uber cheap but I beat my sales targets for the financial year and March was my third best month, so a nice end to the financial year. Going to work on setting new target for this year and get my taxes out the way!

I didn’t finish any clothes or start any new projects because of well see above but also I’ve been on a fitness regime to get fitter and stronger and my body shape is slowly changing and I want to wait before making any more and then having to alter everything.  I can also climb stairs without wheezing! However, I have joined the #vintagepledge this year and just taken stock of a massive batch of vintage patterns a few I might keep for myself for the pledge!

Went to a few gigs, saw De La Soul  at the beginning of the month and were awesome I’m so happy I got to them live. At the end of the month we headed back to the Roundhouse to see Goldfrapp, it’s been a while since I last Goldfrapp perform but just as good as the last time, also played all my favourite tracks which was a bonus. Couldn’t dance much as I had joint flare up but still really enjoyed the gig.

Got my tattoo almost finished.

floral blackwork tattoo

So what’s my plan for April? I guess I’m going to take it down a notch, I have a few loose ends and upload the last of the old stock to the shop to take care of but then I’m going to recharge a little before moving onto new stuff. Designing takes time, carving out your own style and niche takes time, my crafting skills are good but it’s kind of redundant when you’re producing the same work as everyone else, so time to focus on working on my style, so I’m starting an art journal. I’m also bringing back various old post subjects to the blog and working on uploading all the new vintage stock I’ve acquired over the last few months.