Music Monday – Sign o’ The Times

sign o' the time album cover

So I want to get back into writing about music (mostly records I buy and why) more so I’m just gonna get straight to it. I’m not promising I will be good at it, like this post they will be rambling and probably with no real point to it other than look at this record I bought!

Friday saw the 30th anniversary of the release of Sign o’ The Times by Prince, this was one of those gems I found in a charity shop for a few quid. Sometimes the charity shop gods are kind and let you find something exciting between the million Nana Mouskouri and Kris Kristofferson cast offs. This album was released when I was nine years old, so I never got the whole sexuality thing and was convinced I was going to marry George Michael but really for me it’s always been about the music, and whether I can dance to it because that’s what is most important when you’re nine, that and getting home in time for Degrassi Junior High!

sign o' the time album cover back

This is obviously not a review as I’m not a reviewer, I know what I like and that’s about it really, I just like to share what I like in the hope that someone else does too. Kind of feels weird seeing as it’s not even been a year since we lost Prince, which would have made him 27 when he released this! I could barely get my shit together at 27 but obviously no one can compare themselves to Prince, the man was talented and then some, I’ve never come across a Prince song I didn’t like.

sign o' the times inner sleeves 2

I love the insert sleeves on this,ย  I don’t many people who can get away with a full on peach ensemble but Prince could, in fact he could get away with a lot, even changing his name to a symbol which to be honest was completely ridiculous but we let it go because he was Prince.

sign o' the times inner sleeve one

We lost a lot of a great artists last year, to the point we thought 2016 was cursed, in fact 2016 was a complete shit show for many reasons but it’s never helped with the loss of idols. Some people say how can you grieve over people who’ve never met? We may not necessarily be grieving over the loss of the person but the loss of the gifts they’ll no longer be giving us. Whether it was music or making us laugh or cry, art is emotional and you can’t help but become attached to the creators of that art, and although we still have the music they have already given us, we mourn the songs they never will never write. I get this might sound a little pretentious but I don’t care, it’s the only way I know how to try to explain it. I will mourn the loss of Prince, Bowie, George Michael and all the others, they gave us joy through their music and will continue to do so even now they’re gone but is made a little less harder as I dance round my living room to their music like I did when I was nine!