Tropical Themed Fabric Haul

fabric haul

After having a little clear out of some old fabrics and then the start of the vintage pledge, I decided to stock up on some tropical themed fabrics I’ve had my eye on. Unfortunately when I went to buy them, one of them had sold out but they still had it in another a colourway, so after umming and aahhing I opted for that.

This year I’ve been buying a lot more cream and white fabrics which means I need to go and stock up on some lining. My sewjo has waned a little over the last few months but my clear out project for work is nearly complete and my work room is no longer chaos and soon I’ll be able to get back to sewing and also taking some outfit posts of stuff I’ve already made!

But back to today’s post, I have about four or five online retailers I go to get fabric depending what’s in stock at the time. They all so far have been very reliable and very speedy with their shipping.

To start off with I got this tropical beach in Indigo fabric by Sevenberry  which is Made in Japan and I got from The Village Haberdashery.

tropical ech by sevenberry

It’s cotton and has a really nice drape to it, it’s £14 a metre but I used some of my stash points (a loyalty scheme) to get a small discount. I bought 3 metres and I do have an actual plan for this fabric which might man frankensteining two different patterns together.

Next up was my Fabric Godmother order. All these are a linen/cotton mix at £9 a metre

monkey puzzle in orange

This Monkey Puzzle print I originally wanted in the blue colourway but it sold out. I’m thinking culottes or shorts for this.

pink pineapples

The pink pineapples I think I will use to make a 70s style maxi dress from a pattern in my stash. These cotton/linen mixes are quite lightweight and a bit see through, so will need a lining.

mega pineapple

I’m on a bit of theme here but I couldn’t resist this mega pineapple print! These pineapples are about 30cm long, so I’m not sure yet what to make with it. I’m thinking maxi skirt or use this as a skirt on a dress with a black top. I need to think this one through but I’m swaying towards maxi skirt. Alternatively they will make great cushion covers!

Lastly I got this Frida inspired border print by Alexander Henry from Fabrics Galore.

frida border print by alexander henry

frida by alexander henry

There will definitely be a pencil/wiggle skirt whether it be attached to a dress or just on its own. I’m thinking I need to make more combo pieces, so I can mix and match stuff.

So that my little haul, all I need to do now is wash them and sort out some patterns ready for some sewing!

Have you got any sewing plans for this summer?

Tasha x

2 thoughts on “Tropical Themed Fabric Haul

  1. These are all great but my favourites are definitely the pineapple fabrics! I don’t know how you’d do it, but the big pineapples would look good as pockets. And something 70s style sounds perfect for the pink ones.


    1. This is true but now I’m thinking maxi skirt with pockets, I’ve seen pattern this could work with!


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