And welcome to our new home. Just a quick post  to say as you can see we are no longer on Blogger. The old blog will continue to run for a little while until everything is set up here, sorry it’s a little bit messy, I still have some odds and ends to finish formatting but it’s only day one!

As per my earlier post, there are lots of changes happening and while some will take longer than  others, I can at least carry on with blogging, well I do have 58 posts in draft so I should be okay for a while at least. Also as you can see I’ve had a name change and also a brand new spanking domain to match, which makes me very happy.

Style posts have been on hold recently for a reason and I’m writing about that, not that I’ve had much time to focus on outfit posts but I have a few other posts to keep me going for a while, so I will be blogging about other stuff in the mean. It might take a while to get into my groove over here, what with everything else going on but you patience is appreciated.

Until the next post

Tasha x

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