365 Project – Week 12

Welcome to week 12 of #365 days of stitching and also post 200 of this blog! There’s not been a whole lot of stitching this week as I’ve been working on clearing stuff out as making changes to work but I still got a few things finished.

78/365 –Β  Pretty proud of this collar, can’t say the same for the cock up I made on the sleeve but hopefully I’ll be able to fix it.

79/365 – Worked on finishing off my Nuuk sweater. I hate picking up stitches, mainly because I’m a perfectionist.

80/365 – Made a lot more budget purses for the shop, which should be going up this week.

81/365 – Finished the sleeves.

82/365 – Have mostly been knitting this as my sewing space is out of action whilst I get on with this clear out. Having a fabric and pattern clear out, which will also be going on Etsy this week (hopefully).

83/365 – Started working on this scarf again. Hopefully a sample for the new shop.

84/365 – Finished the Nuuk sweater, just needs blocking. Despite swatching for this I still managed to knit it larger than it should have been, also had one ball of wool left over, so I could have knit it a bit longer. So my next one I’m going to knit a size smaller and longer. One day I’ll get the hang of the gauge thing.
And that was this weeks stitching. I’m a little worried about next week as I have a lot of work to get through before the end of March. Hopefully it won’t be all knitting pics, as I’m still concerned that this project is getting a bit samey but only 281 days to go!!! But then I guess that’s real life really, this project isn’t a curated Instagram project, it’s very cutaneous which at times comes across as not very spontaneous at all, if that makes any sense.