Making Changes

I’m a big fan of change, change is good, change is growth. When people tell me I’ve changed I take is a compliment, I don’t want to get stuck and stagnate. Some people dislike change and that’s okay, that is their choice and I’m not here to question that. But things change regardless, we get older, we learn, we are shaped and influenced by our surroundings, by our experiences and sometimes we outgrow our old selves and it’s time to embrace our new selves. Spring I feel is always a good time to implement any changes we want to, we come out of semi hibernation from winter, the days are getting longer, our energy levels getting higher, it’s a good time to get the ball rolling on starting anything new and that’s what I’m currently doing. I’ve had time over the quieter months to think about what’s working, what’s not and how to move forward with my business/life and what I want to be doing.
I came up with Natasha de Vil when I briefly flirted with burlesque, I never made it to the stage but I enjoyed dance the lessons and finding my alter ego. I initially used it to set up a separate FB page to hang out with my vintage and burly friends but it just ended up being who I became to be known as and it stuck. I thought about changing it a lot but I kind of preferred having it as a handle for various reasons mainly my business. I threw myself into the world of self employment three years ago after my last job got so toxic it was making me ill, my hair starting to fall out was probably when I realised that it was me or them and if I didn’t act on it I was only punishing myself. I was fortunate enough to have (and still do) someone supporting me and helping me along the way. I tend to fall into things and just go with the flow but recently that has not been feeling right and I need to make some changes.
I’ve been think about turning 40 a lot lately, I figured by now I would have sussed, achieved a lot more but I realise that doesn’t matter. We live in a world obsessed with achieving goals/targets etc that we forget that in the grand scheme of things it’s not that relevant. I see people obsessed by numbers, weight/followers/earnings but it goes beyond healthy, beyond competitive and down to obsessive. I myself have become a little obsessed with goal and challenges recently but mostly to improve myself, I really don’t care what other people think, I want to push myself to the best of my abilities after years of believing this is the best I have to offer! I’m not having a turn forty crisis, in fact I’ve kind of been looking forward to it, treating a new decade as a new chapter of adventures which is why I’ve decided to let go of being known as Natasha de Vil, as it just feels right.
So I opened up a new store, as you might know I am focusing on what I’ve really wanted to do all this time which is more art based. I’ve always loved art, I’ve never formally trained but over the years I kept making promises to myself to take it up again that I never kept, maybe because the timing wasn’t right or maybe I’ve just been hesitant in taking the next big step, probably a little bit of both. I’ll be talking about getting back into art based stuff in a future post, as I fear it will make this post far too long to read but that’s the short of it.
The Natasha de Vil etsy shop will still be around for as long as it is. I’ll been using it to sell all old designs and supplies until they have gone, and then will be keeping it for vintage as I still love vintage and vintage will always be apart of my life. Natasha de Vil was kind of born out the vintage lifestyle I found and fell in love with when I first got into the blogging back in 2009, so it seems apt to keep the name for the shop and not kill her off completely. It will probably have it’s own Instagram account (so much for streamlining but a perk of giving up FB I guess) dedicated to all things vintage and vintage selling. I have some lovely new stock that has recently arrived and things seem to be slowly fitting into place.
So there it is, a change that has been unfolding over time, and is still happening, these things take time to deal with, changing handles, links etc, a faff I know but that’s just the way it is. The blog will be changing a bit too, mainly in name, I tend to blog about whatever takes my fancy and it will probably stay that way with a few more work/art pieces thrown in for good measure. I just can’t decide whether to stay here on blogger or move to WordPress or maybe even Squarespace but that’s a decision for another day.

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