365 Project – Week 11

Welcome to week 11, this week I started sewing my spring and summer wardrobe as there was a definite spring vibe this week and the weather is a touch warmer in that I haven’t needed my winter coat much.

71/365 – So I started off with some shirts. I wanted them to be slightly longer to wear with leggings but turns I didn’t have enough for either, so they were normal length and the eye print is going to be long sleeve and the bear print sleeveless but will need some adjustment as I forgot to account for the fact that armholes on sleeved items sometimes run a little bigger! You live and learn!

72/365 – Finished the Alpha Beta Gaga dress just need to find time to photograph it for a blog post.

73/365 – New patterns arrived from Named Clothing, can’t wait to see what’s in their new collection  when it’s released on Wednesday.

74/365 – More purses from project remnants! The great clear out is slowly getting there.

75/365 – Using up more leftover fabric and found some metallic coloured leather I’ve been hoarding for whatever reason and so more purses and cardholders. this will be the last of the bags and purses for a while, then moving on to clearing out the hair accessory supplies.

76/365 – More progress on the Nuuk sweater, hopefully will finish this by the end of the month.

77/365 -Went and bought some button for my  Salal cardigan and also came back with some new yarn for another one as I really like the fit of this cardigan. Also some new crochet hooks with wider handles to hopefully stop hand cramp and some Aida fabric for my embroidery/cross stitch projects. There is a blog post imminent but I’m finally opening up my new shop this year and moving towards my intended goal.