365 Project – Week 10

So almost a fifth way through the project which doesn’t sound as long as 300 days to go. This week I really felt the oh my god why did I start this project stress but I figure some weeks and going to be easier than others. It also probably didn’t help that I’ve been stressing over work related things the last few weeks and so my mind has been on other things. I had chat with The Goth, made a few decisions about changes I want to make and am feeling a little better and less overwhelmed. Saying that I did managed to stitch every day just not much sewing but a lot of knitting and practising my crocheting.

64/365 _ Can we talk about how much I hate sewing button holes, they are worse than zips! Half of them turned out fine, the other half just I don’t know what happened! Thankfully the buttons are big and pretty enough to distract from the mess!

65/365  – Started sorting through my embroidery stuff, turns out I’ve hoarded a lot of hoops but with good reason. I always planned on launching an embroidery art range, just need to sit down and design some art to embroider. In the mean time I might finish this and hang it up!

66/365 – Still practising my crochet, almost got the tension right, still loosing and gaining stitches all over the place!

67/365  – Made a little more headway on my Nuuk sweater, about another 10 inches on the body to go!

68/365 – Decided I needed to start on some new sewing project and make myself some shirts. I found this sewing pattern is a charity shop ages ago, the bear fabric is going to be short sleeved and the eyes a long sleeved.

69/365 – Tried a new way to join ends, turns out I didn’t quite do the Russian method right but I there was enough length in the join for it hopefully not to matter or unravel, just need to snip the messy ends, also need to get back to taking better pictures, all this weeks are late nighters which I promised I wouldn’t do any more. Bring on summer and long sunny days I say!

70/365 – Nearly finished this dress, button are sewn on loving the epaulettes feature on this garment. Only have to finish the belt and I’m done with item 6!
What have you been making this week?