Choosing a Colour Palette For Your Wardrobe

How do you choose a colour palette for your me made wardrobe?
Although I’m specifically talking about your me made wardrobe, these principles could easily be applied to choosing colour palettes for a bought wardrobe as not everyone has the time or inclination to make their own clothes. There are several ways you can do this, you could do it by what’s in trend for this season. Pantone’s colour of the year is greenery, whilst I like bright jewel colours, I, myself  have found myself opting for more subtle shades this season.

Is it by season?
Colours you pick can easily be influenced by the season, I tend to go for brighter colours in the summer and more muted tones in the winter and kind of mixed in spring and autumn.I think the weather does sort have an influence over the colours I choose,e even with my choice of hair colour.

Is it by your favourite colours?
Oddly I don’t. My favourite colour is pink, yet it’s a colour until now I don’t have much of in my wardrobe. it’s easy to keep picking your favourite colour and then you end up with a monochrome wardrobe, which I try to avoid.
Or by occasion?
You might find that your work wear wardrobe takes on a completely different palette to that of your out of work clothes, or they might not depending on your line of work. As a freelancer I can pretty much wear what I want but when working for someone I less frivolous in my choices of office wear.
I’ve always struggled with colour palettes because my tastes and influences vary wildly. As you know I’m pretty much influenced by every decade and trend that’s passed by and cherry pick from each one, which leads to quite an eclectic wardrobe.
Recently I got back into Pinterest. Pinterest was one of those things I got into when it first started and you had to request an invite. And then I just kind of forgot about it and when I came back everyone was a profession pinner and had thousands of followers and I’m like trying to play catch up ( this sums up every social media trend I have joined!) but I’m not trying to be an influencer and like Instagram and everything else there are courses you can do to make you a better pinner, to make your pins more pinable etc but to be honest i think I’m too far behind to catch up or care about catching up. I need to do stuff at my own pace.
Anyway I digress (as always)! I started using Pinterest to record colour combinations and compositions that I liked as a way to help with my photography and this inadvertently ending up influencing other aspects mainly my choice of colours for this years wardrobe. I’m obsessed with colour, I always have and recently this has been showing up in my colour choices for clothes through bold colours and prints but towards the end of last year I started making some softer additions to my colour palette choices.
I’ve never really been into pastel colours, I’ve always though of them as too soft and girly which is complete bullshit, I think that stereotyping brainwashes in to believing that colour has some sort of gender significance and they don’t! Anyone can wear any colour regardless of their gender, it does not mean anything other than you like that colour!
So I generally buy the bulk of my fabric during Black Friday and the January sales (or basically when there is a discount or sale on) and I noticed that I had changed my usual colour choices quite a bit to a more softer/neutral palette. Even with my wool choices.
I bought some paintbox yarns and picked five colours that were the complete opposite of the colours I picked last year. Last year were all very bright jewel colours, this year they were more mute. Now I could say that it’s down to trend but to be honest there is such a wide variety of colours and prints to choose from it probably more down to preference that influence.

Like anything and you I probably mention this too often on here but style is not static. yes you probably have a core style but things do change, you add, you take away, you’re forever experimenting, pushing the boundaries of who you are.
So maybe Pinterest taught me to give those pastels and metallics a chance, or maybe because it’s because it’s been so on trend it’s subliminally influenced me, or maybe I’ve just decided to add a softer element to my wardrobe.
There are still prints in my choices for this years wardrobe, though I did take a slightly different approach in that I pretty much bought with specific projects in mind, and didn’t stick to my usual 2ms which actually turns out is quite limiting in choice especially with the vintage patterns I have in stock.
There are more colour pops than colour blasts. Rather than go for an all over bold print, I’ve picked with subtle pops of colour instead.
I’ve gone for more cream and white bases. This is highly unusual for me, I do no own very many white items, though I have noticed a few cream pieces have crept into my wardrobe as of late. And more pink because this is my favourite colour.
And florals have been making a comeback.
And I’m still obsessed with grids!
There are a few wild cards thrown because variety is the spice of life, though I’m not sure whether to use this fabric with lines vertically or horizontally. I guess that will depend on pattern chosen.
Have you chosen a colour palette for your wardrobe this year? If so what did you choose?