The ‘I love You Wade Wilson’ Dress

So I normally name my clothes after song titles but this one was inspired by Deadpool which I love and the fabric pattern just kind of reminded me of film, so I named it after the lead character. I also promise that I will start doing proper posts soon of me actually wearing the clothes I make but I won’t lie, I haven’t been feeling up to prancing around in front of a camera these last few months but I will get over myself and get on with. Plus I have some really nice makes planned and I’ll be talking about in my next post of some fabric I got recently, my wardrobe planning is taking a different direction.

I used a 1970s Maudella shirt dress pattern and made version #3, though I’m kind of tempted to make the suit version, even though I’ll probably never wear it! I wanted to make a belt but didn’t have enough fabric in fact I didn’t have enough material to do a full length version as I was working to my usual 2m of fabric, which I’ve now stopped buying as a standard length as it’s apparent most of my dress patterns need at least three metres! I’m now only buying fabric with specific projects in my mind and ordering to pattern requirements which should keep my fabric stash from growing too big and also cut down time choosing which fabric to use.

I like this fabric but it is a bit migraine inducing!

I did tone down the collar a bit because it was a tad too big for my liking and one gust of wind and I might take off!
This dress had been sitting in my WIP pile form last year. I think I started making it last summer and although it’s a tight squeeze it actually fits (just) even though I did adjust the pattern to accomodate my 40 inch bust, so by this summer I should be able to wear without squishing my boobs!
The pattern itself was pretty easy to follow and instead of standard darts, it has French darts which I had not done before but just requires a little tacking before sewing.I’ve also learnt that darts should really be pressed upwards instead of downwards!

I managed to sew the bias binding on the wrong side of both armholes! Thankfully and easy mistake to fix. Though my proudest achievement on this dress is the pockets.

Though the sleeveless version on calls for one pocket I decided to do two pockets and managed to do some near spot on perfect pattern matching. The smaller the pattern repeat, the harder it can be to match the pattern up I find. However, with a good steam iron to press the corners and a little patience in-between the pattern making me going boss eyed, I managed it. The left pocket is a little off but I’m still pretty stoked how these turned out!

And that my friends is my fourth finished item of the year and also a vintage pledge to boot! Though Vintage pledge is technically not running it’s usual format this year, there still is a pinterest board to pin this years makes to.

Pattern – Maudella 5749
Material -100% cotton
Style -Vintage
Size – 40 Bust
Post Title – Inspired by Deadpool