365 project – Week 9

Welcome to week 9 of 365 days of stitching. I didn’t get any blogging done last week as I decided instead to focus on tackling the supplies situation in my work room and trying to get the shop restocked a little. I ended up moving all my vintage stock into the living room and this made things a little easier to move around and I managed to get some sewing practice in and make a bunch of purses from scraps for my zero waste challenge.
I also managed to get a bunch of photography done and listed about 50 new things in the shop but to be honest I need to retake all the photos as they are too dark but the listings are out there because needs be!
This week I hope to get back into my blogging schedule, I’ve been doing the Blogacademy course I bought last year on discount and it’s helping me to focus on why I blog and where I want to take my blog. The good thing about an online course is that I can do it at my own pace over a few days which is better when handling that amount of information! I’m hoping to finish that this week. But first back to what I stitched last week!

57/365 – Joined my Hazy Shade of Winter sweater in the round and watched lots of episodes of X Files whilst working on the yoke.

58/365 – Started my sewathon on the Monday, to clear out some supplies and make some budget price purses for the shop.

59/365 – Working with glitter fabric and denim both of which are new to me, needs a little refinement.

60/365 – Found a tonne of scraps from old projects and made an assortment of purses

61/365 – No sewing on this day but made plenty of progress on my sweater. Finally finished the yoke, put the sleeves on hold and started knitting the body in the round. Think I will get through plenty of X Files episodes on this one as it’s basically knitting stocking stitch in the round.

62/365 – More purses, won’t be in time for Valentines but then I never am but hearts are good all year round right?

63/365 – Started to finish my Alpha Beta Gag dress which is technically a toile but a wearable one at that. I’m learning lots about adding in linings where there is no provision in the original pattern to do so. Next time sleeves before collar! All I have to do is finish the button holes and the belt and it’s done. Though I’m a little worried it looks like a funky lab coat on me!

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