January Catch Up

I hit the new year running, I have so many ideas planned that can’t be logistically implemented whilst dealing with the pre Christmas rush that when it comes to January I go full steam ahead and try to do everything at once, then panic frantically that I’ll never have enough time to do everything, when all I have to do is sit down and plan more effectively. This bit happens around mid January when I realise I still have a full six months before I have to start dedicating my time to all this business. One year I’ll learn, I’ve calmed down a bit and am in a steady groove of making things. February is usually a pretty good time to knuckle down to projects because it’s the quietest month of the year what with everyone being broke and all.
January is traditionally where we all look forward to planning new things but it’s been very politically charged what with King Baby throwing tantrums in the White House and Madam Mayhem doing her utmost best to make Thatcher look like a saint, January has been a little stressful and saw me shifting my priorities especially in regards to social media which I reflected on briefly in a previous post but I decided to streamline my accounts and combine them to be personal and professional and not apologise or justify to those who may be offending by my politics, beliefs or weird sense of humour!
It was a very productive month and I feel that I may have set the bar too high for the rest of the year but I aim to keep it up. I am notorious for getting distracted and leaving projects unfinished and starting new ones but it’s habit I’m trying hard to break and by that I mean complete all projects, so that one day I’ll be able to start with a cleanish slate!
So what did I do, well weekends were busy with family visits, birthdays and a gig. We went to see the Flaming Lips at the Brixton Academy but I have to say they weren’t as good as the last time I saw them, in fact we ended up leaving early. I’m not sure if they were having set problem but the gaps were way to long between songs, when Wayne was talking no one could here him because the sound was distorted and Brixton appears to have this new policy where they don’t bother actually checking tickets so the downstairs becomes over crowded! The show was filled with balloons and giant inflatable rainbows which was probably about the best bit really.

We also went on an art deco tour at 55 Broadway which is the TFL head offices above St James Park, this is the second Hidden Underground tour I have been on and they are really great. If you love Art Deco get on this tour! It was a bit rainy and grey but the view from the top was still pretty good. I did take some other pictures on the tour but I’m pretty useless when it comes to operating a camera under poor lighting conditions! So I guess that’s another thing I have to learn more about this year.

I started some new projects, my yearly me made wardrobe and also one to reduce the amount of waste created by making stuff. I currently have several containers of offcuts and scraps to be used up!
The #365days of stitching project is still going well but I really want to improve my Instagram game this year and need to get out of the habit posting late night pictures under crappy lighting.

I blogged a lot! Probably the most not counting the month I did a blog everyday challenge. I’m slowly getting back into my blogging groove which you think I would have by now having been blogging since 2009. I’ll still be mostly writing about making clothes, style and whatever else takes my fancy, finding your happy writing place takes a bit of experimenting with but I’m pretty happy to be blogging 2-3 times a week now.
I finally got round to getting another tattoo started, can’t wait for it to be finished. It was supposed to be finished by the end of the month but hopefully I’ll be able to get it finished soon.


I’m trying to keep score of all the things I make this year to see how productive I’ve been because I’m always convinced I’ve never been productive enough!
So my me made wardrobe got off to a goodish start in that I finished 4 items, two dresses and two skirts. That’s three from the WIP pile and a newbie, I also started on a shirt dress which is taking slightly longer but I’m adding a lining. I also started some new bags and purses and slowly finishing off some more flower crowns to add to the shop soon. This year is all about clearing out the supplies and stock to make more room. I’ve also decided to add a second Etsy shop for destashing craft supplies that I’m not going to use but first to stock up the main shop.

And that was pretty much January, I expect February will be a little quieter but that just means more time to make more things!