365 Project – Week 7

So the project is going strong, though I will admit yesterday was the first day I forgot to post a pic even though I had actually done some stitching but I was slightly distracted by twitter and pretty much forgot to even look at Instagram.

(43/365) So I finally sewed on the pocket on this dress and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with myself over this pattern matching. I even managed to do the other side pretty evenly too, the trick is a very good steam iron to press those pocket corners. To be honest with this kind of pattern repeat, it’s not as hard as it looks and didn’t take that long, obviously it’s not a perfect match up but pretty darn close!

(44/365) So the next day I sewed on the buttons and tidied up the loose threads and voilà the ‘I Love Wade Wilson’ dress is finished! So that finished item #4 of the year!

(45/354) – Still swatching with the awesome Sugar n’ Cream scented yarn by Lily!

(46/365) – Discovered a new awesome knitting magazine called Laine you can read about it my post from last week called The Knit Life!

(47/365) – Yes people after it being on my to do list for how many years, I just don’t know I finally started to learn to crochet with the help of YouTube!

(48/365) – Worked some more on this scarf and experimenting with a little colour blocking. Yellow and grey is one of my favourite colour combinations.

(49/365) – My second attempt at crocheting, tension is getting better but somehow managed to cause a knot on my third row which I couldn’t undo so gonna have to start again but I’m getting there slowly which is mostly due to hand cramp!