The Knit Life!

I ordered a sewing mag the other day and was sorely disappointed especially as I’d paid £10 for it. I try to support independent as much as possible but I found the content more about people who sew than actually sewing or patterns, there were other issues. I know it was a first issue but first impressions stick, so I guess I won’t be buying that again.
But as you know I’m really getting into my knitting lately. there are a few knitting mags I’ve wanted to try for a while and I’m not adverse to spending £10 on a publication, in fact I’ve spend a lot more. Independent magazines/publications have been my go to source for inspiration and reading for a few years now. I love walking into the Tate Modern shop and stocking up on a few new issues to keep me going through the month, I’m a sucker for well laid out, informative publication.
So despite buying the sewing mag on a whim, these whimsical purchase that result in disappointment are far and few between to put me off buying first issue  on a impulse! So I saw another new publication for knitting called Laine and immediately followed their insta account and hunted a round for a copy. They are based in Finland but they had a list of worldwide stockists and even though my local London stockist was out of copies, I found A Yarn Story still had some in stock and I also purchased a copy of Knit Wit which I’ve been eyeing up since the first issue but have never got round to purchasing.
They arrived pretty quick, I ordered them on Friday, and they arrived on Monday. Knitting is pretty much becoming my new passion but I’m going to talk about that in a different blog post and don’t want to repeat myself here, so back to the magazines.
This magazine did not disappointed, it’s filled with patterns, articles and recipes. As it the autumn/winter issue there are range of patterns for all levels from a simple hat to a cable knit dress, all in all there are 11 patterns, which I think is a pretty good bargain for I paid for the magazine and I’m trying my hardest not to cast on a jumper from it until I have finished at least one of my other cardigans! The magazine seems quite female focused except for a n interview with Stephen West, maybe there will be some men’s patterns in future issues. The layout and aesthetic is spot on and I cannot wait for the next issue.
knit wit issue 4

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Knit Wit but I did end up liking it. It’s aim is to bring together fibre, textiles and the people who are involved in the modern craft movement together through curated articles and photography, which it does very well. Thy focus on ‘interest over instruction’ and cover many different areas of the fibre and textile world, it is something I would definitely consider buying again.

(Disclaimer: I purchased these magazines with my own funds and was not asked to do a review of any kind by any of the parties mentioned in this post)