365 Project – Week 6

Welcome to week 6 of 365 days of stitching project, I made an important decision this week and that was to stop posting late night grainy pictures when I remembered! They still need some improving though!

36/365 – Started working on the second sleeve of my Salal cardigan, this is still taking forever to finish but probably because it feels like I have a billion projects on the go! It doesn’t stop me from starting new ones!

37/365 – Found my Vianne cardigan I started a few months ago at the bottom of my project bag and so worked on that a little bit this week.

38/365 – Time to start restocking the shop, so working on some new bags and purses. Sticking to my use what I have to make new stock unless I don’t have it like zips!

39/365 – Got some metallic and glitter sheets to use on some items, some sparkly things coming to the shop soon.

40/365 – Going to try and learn some new stitches this week. I have a Mon Tricot book with 900 knitting and crochet stitches in it. So I’m practicing by swatching and making some sample pieces to use my yarn stash. This is the bamboo stitch.

41/365 – More bags, more sparklies, more stash busting!

42/365- Playing a round with hearts. I never really launch a Valentines range mainly because I forget but going to stick a few heart related bits in because who doesn’t like hearts.
In other news can’t believe that we’re on week six and haven’t missed a day yet! (probably just jinxed myself).