365 Project – Week 5

Project is still going strong and I have lots of ideas to show over the coming months in regards to sewing, knitting and all things stitchy!.

(29/365) – Long train journeys require tea, graphic novels and knitting!

(30/365) – Working on colour combos for using up scraps and offcuts.

(31/365) – Making some project bags or even travel storage bags for the shop to try and use up these sleftovers.

(32/365) – Working on some embroidery designs for new stock for the shop, coming in the spring.

(33/365) – Still working on this bloody sleeve, I still have the second one to do!

(34/365) – Started on my toile for the Lempi dress, also need to figure out how to add a lining as this material is a little too see through but I think I’ve figure it!

(35/365) – More train knitting or swatching and had a wave of inspiration for some new designs for a knitted purse/bag range. The shop is going to be bursting with new stock over the next few months, I just hope that people like them.

2 thoughts on “365 Project – Week 5

  1. This is such a great idea! I've got some yarn at home and I've tried to do a little bit of crocheting (and failed) but this year I want to challenge myself to some sewing and more tactile art project, so this is good inspiration! I love the seahorse print for the travel bags you were working on too, very cute! – Tasha


  2. Thank you, hopefully they will be coming to the shop soon. Although I sometimes think why did I start this project, it kinda forces me to do something, even if it's just five minutes, and sometimes as a bonus it kinda leads to new ideas. So I'm also happy that it's giving inspiration to others.


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