Favourite Reads of 2016

Every year I do the Goodreads challenge and set myself a number of books to read. I always set it a little high just to give me an incentive to read more but I have yet to actually reach the number I set on any given goal!

Last year I managed 28 books and that’s been the most in many years. I actually set it for 52, which was one a week but come September I barely picked up a book thanks to work.

But here are some of my favourite reads from last year

Hunger Makes me a modern girl by Carrie Brownstein – I’ve been reading a lot of biographies this year and this one I enjoyed the most, I think mostly because I’m pretty much the same age as Brownstein and so I could relate to the era and empathize with what she was writing.

We should all be feminists by Chimianda Ngozi – Basically everyone should read this book, well actually it’s more of an essay and literally takes less than an hour to read but all teenagers should be given this to read, not just girls. In fact everyone just go and read it. I’ve always considered myself a feminist but more or so in the last year I’ve been become more and more apart of my indentity and so have been catching on my feminist related reading. After years of reading just angry white male literature (and by the way there is nothing wrong with this because a lot of it is really quite good) I feel personally I need to reconnect with some of the female authors out there. But then again I’m trying to broaden my reading all round into different genres.

Joyland by Stephen King – This is more of a murder mystery than your usual horror offering from King. Set in a theme park it can feel a bit scooby doo at times but still worth a read. It’s an easy read, it doesn’t get to bogged down in detail and is more character led which I liked.

Hello Kitty Must Die – If you like a humour dark and then covered with an extra layer of black, then this novel is for you. I don’t really want to spoil it but I found the ending hysterical but now I’m concerned what that says about me!

The Bees by   – This story is set in a beehive, from the point of a worker bee. It’s a sort of murder mystery thriller and although it takes a while to pick up, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

Moon over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch – This is the second of the Peter Grant series about a policeman training in the art of magic and investigating supernatural cases in London. I’m finding this series quite fun and am definitely going to try and get through another one or two this year.

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi – a biographical graphic novel by Satrapi about growing up in Iran after the revolution in 1979. This story is raw and very eye opening and at the same time funny and beautiful. I think this book is quite relevant to read right now especially with the ‘war on immigrants’. We only hear about what the papers report and not things what are actually happening.

Post Office By Bukowski – I haven’t read any Bukowski until now but I did like this book and can see why it’s classed as a classic. Bukowski has a distinctive style and will be definitely be reading some more of his books.

This year I have set my goal for 30, should be doable. I have also set myself the goal to read more of my non fiction books. I have a lot of fashion, style, burlesque and history books I want to read. These books are heavier and so not so easy to carry about and read, so fortunately my ever thoughtful husband got me a kindle for  Christmas so I don’t have to lug books around with me so much and also I prefer big print, so I can get my smaller print books in ebook format so I can read them easier. At the moment I’m reading The Complete works of Oz as I’ve never read them before and it makes for nice reading when travelling about on public transport. Plus it doesn’t get all crumpled and manky in my handbag!

So that is some of my favourite books from last year, what is on your reading list this year? Got any recoomendation?

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