2017 Me Made Wardrobe Plans

This year I’m taking a more vintage approach to my wardrobe style, I was very much into vintage as a part of my style until I became self employed and then ended up mostly wearing jeans and t-shirt everyday for practicality sake more than anything, then my style just kind of waned a little. But I’ve been working on that since last year after going back to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly festival last year, I was totally inspired by the vintage style again and have slowly been adding vintage and me made repro pieces to my collection.

I did this by also joining the Vintage pledge last year, I didn’t quite meet my target of a piece from every era from the 40s to the 80s but I did manage to get a few pieces in my wardrobe and ready for the festival.

After that I started have problems with my fluctuating weight/ food intolerances again which kind of put me off making clothes until the problem settled. Having to constantly resize clothes is a pain! Which is why I slightly changed my plan for January’s sew list. I do want to lose some weight because I do have a lot of clothes in my wardrobe that I love and don’t currently fit and I want to wear them. Like my favourite sparkly blue vintage lurex dress, a coral shirt dress and some dresses I got last year. I don’t do diets but I do need to exercise more and definitely eat less sugar! I know this is the time of year when diet fads and exercise programmes are thrown at you left right and centre but to be honest my aim to be healthy all year round but also not to deprive myself of treats! Not that I have justify my weight loss to anyone or health regime to anyone but sometimes it feels hard to find a balance between the sides. Anyhoo, moving onwards as that will probably be my only mention of health and weight this year on this blog!

So I managed to get a bunch of stuff finished at the last minute in December as I worked my way through the unfinished projects pile and so have some new pieces for this summer, only to find that none of them fit (see above) and so am moving on to making some new clothes that don’t really require much alterations if I do end up losing a few inches here and there, like the Lempi dress but we also know how much I love shirt dresses!

It will be mostly repro and vintage patterns with a few modern styles thrown in, there are some trousers and a dresses I really want to add to my wardrobe, I’ve been busy buying a few patterns and fabric for specific items in the Black Friday and Post Christmas sales. I’ve been laundering fabric and have a make diary to record projects and notes on each one. The make list seems quite long but that’s mainly for choice, I don’t actually plan on making everything, though I would like to make on average at least one thing per week! So I guess my ultimate goal is 52 items this year including knitted pieces!!!

I’m also hoping to blog at least once a week on things I’ve made clothes wise, each year I want to up my skills and I never got round to making trousers or a jacket like I wanted to but it’s definitely on the top of this years clothes making agenda! I also want to make more tops.

If the Vintage Pledge runs again this year, I will definitely be taking part and I will be writing a little bit more about vintage/retro life and also style and fashion in general as well because it’s a topic that interests me and has different meanings to people, and it would be nice to explore that.

I was also be carrying on with my knitting and adding a few more pieces that way, hopefully some socks and maybe a knitted dress!

What on you me made wardrobe list this year?