Waste Management Project

So this isn’t the most catchiest of titles but I was having one of my regular assessments of my supplies stash, it has become apparent I hoard scrap and offcuts because I hate waste and have convinced myself that I will find a use for them, even in the tiniest of projects. So as we’re so earlier in the year, I decided to run a little experiment and see how little waste I could produce in regards to making stuff!

ย I feel that it is nearly impossible to have a zero waste result in crafting because there is always going to be some project that goes wrong along the way that ends up non-recyclable/unusable, so my aim is to get it down to the least I can.

But how?

So I’ve been thinking about what to do with shop in regards to stock. I’ve pretty much discontinued the old jewellery lines and I got rid of tonnes of jewellery making supplies because it’s not really my thing. I say that because I prefer working with textiles and fibres so that doesn’t rule out jewellery making as such, it would just be in a different medium. So most of the items I will be making will be with textiles and fibres, I have one last run of flower crowns going into the shop and I think I may be stopping those as well and changing what supplies I use when making new ones.

It’s kind of hard to think of what hasn’t been done already or how I can put my own spin on things and stand out. Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever find your niche or will kind of be middle of the road forever. Then you have to shake it off and keep searching and experimenting until you find it.

Anyway I digress, where were we, oh yeah scrap hoarding. So what to do with these off cuts and scraps which have mostly accumulated from my clothes making, well usually I would make patchwork quilt or something but I’ve decided to use what I have to make a range for the shop, project bags, hair bows etc and they will probably be lower in price that my other ranges but now I just have to find a catchy title for the range.

So that’s the plan for this year to use up what I have for planned ranges which are already in progress, plus these scraps to hand at the moment, which includes fabrics I’ve already bought for specific ranges, some of which are in progress and just see what happens.

So I know the blogging rules are you’re only supposed to show pictures of your perfectly curated workspace with matching accessories but I will not lie, my tiny space is chaos because well, there is so much stuff, including buckets of vintage which I also sell. So here are some pictures of my current workspace. Now you know why I’m prone to periodic breakdowns, as my business grows so do my supplies and stock but my work/storage space doesn’t, so until I can get a bigger space/studio I need to get a grip on this problem.

So these are pretty much the supplies I need to get through the scraps (though mixed in with a few random bits as I tried to pile these neatly for a photo) are what I need to use up.

Those neatly stacked boxes in the corner are my vintage stock, feel free to buy that and give me some space! Oh and my hoard of art supplies That I intend to start using this year!
I use basket and tubs to keep projects and supplies organised, my aim to have half of these empty by the end of the year or at least filled with stock to sell.
I bought these Sunjellies shopping totes to store projects in but since I trashed my bin by tripping over it and then stomping on it (don’t ask!) and decided to use this as the waste measurement receptacle. This will be filled with the thread and offcuts that come from using up the scraps and offcuts for this project! Though I do actually have a plan to recycle whatever ends up this basket to reduce my waste even more! The goal is to fill this basket as little as possible by the end of the year!

I’ll report back mid year and let you know how it’s going.