365 Project – Week 4

Time to catch up week four of 365 days of stitching and the year has got off to a flying start, so good I fear I may have set the bar far too high for the rest of the year! But I start as I mean to go on!

(22/365) – Despite being quite tired on New Years day, I managed to sew the hem on the Come Into My Dreamland dress. Even by doing just five minutes or one little job a day, I’m getting through the job pile pretty quick, so this project is the kick up the butt I needed to get a move on with things.

(23/365) – Finished the Come into my Dreamland dress and guess what? It’s gone to the when it fits again pile!!! Changing my plans in regards to the wardrobe making and quitting the really old WIPs as none of them will fit at the moment!

(24/365) – Found the Death Trip to Tulsa skirt which I’d totally forgotten about. I cut out this skirt and then used the rest of the fabric to make stuff for the shop and completely forgot about finishing the skirt!

(25/365) – Some days are good sewing days, some days are bad. This is supposed to be a one hour skirt but the zip install on this was a total mare and then the needle on my serger broke and so I quit before anything else went wrong

(26/365) – Finished the skirt! My second finished item of the year! Also need to take pictures when the light is better but it fits!

(27/365) – Started and finished the Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill skirt in two days which I think is a record breaker for me! No more procrastinating on projects! My third Me Made make of the year so far!

(28/365) – I went away for the weekend to see the In-laws for a catch up and a little belated present swapping. I took them some scarves I knitted and I got some fabulous books including this A Stitch in Time book which I’ve been lusting after for ages, so time to pick out some patterns for my vintage wardrobe!